Does your nutrition need a boost?

All disease is fundamentally linked to cellular health and if we optimise that we are less likely to struggle with illness.  Now you may eat a fundamentally good diet.. Plenty of raw fruit and veg however, one thing to consider is that we do not have the nutritional value in our food even organic food that we did decades ago – due to the modern farming methods depleting our soil plus as a nation we eat a lot of processed food too both of which mean we are not getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that we need.

How to know?

Do you have a lack of energy?

Are you fatigued or irritable?

Get a lot of coughs and colds?

Poor bone health?

Joint discomfort?

Weak skin, hair and nails?

All these are signs or symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiency plus the diet many of us eat is very pro-inflammatory and inflammation is the root cause of many diseases.  So how to get out of this?

Choose a supplement rich in vital micronutrients and potent in anti-oxidants.

There is no fairy dusting in the LLV – what is fairy dusting – it when companies put a large load of ingredients into a product so you think it impressive but the thing is most of those extra ingredients are there in such small quantities that they don’t cause benefit to the body.  Anything you see on a doTerra label is there because it is there is sufficient quantities to be beneficial.

In a single serving of LLV you are getting the equivalent of 12 plus servings of fruits and vegetables.

The product is made up of 3 items

Alpha CRS – a powerful source of anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation

XEOmega or VEOmega (vegan version) – provides 3 essential fatty acids either from fish oil that is filtered and free of pesticides and heavy metals or plant based sources.  In addition it also contains other oils that provide beneficial antioxidants

Microplex VMz as well as all your essential micronutrients this supplement is also rich in plant botanicals

All the nutrients in these supplements are bonded with a healthy yeast to create a protein matrix that the body sees as food and allows total absorption and so you get full benefit from taking them unlike many other products on the market that have poor absorption.  

How long do you need to take them for ?

Well most people will see a benefit within a few days but blood cells completely replenish every 120 days so for maximum benefit you need 120 days of good nutrition.

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Why I had the Covid-19 Vaccine

Last week I had the Covid-19 vaccine – and surprisingly or maybe not several people were shocked and asked me why if I was so passionate about natural health did I choose to have the vaccine.  So let me answer…..

I have worked on the frontline since this all started, I have been shocked at the amount of conspiracy theorists I appear to know and shocking fake information that has been doing the rounds of social media.

Make no mistake this virus is very real.  Now while there may be a good survival rate that does not take into account the weeks/months many spend in hospital nor the long covid symptoms many who initially suffered mildly are now experiencing.  See my previous blog for more info.

I have been diligent about applying the immune boosting, sleep inducing and stress reducing essential oils I use and taking the lifelong vitality supplements that help keep my system optimised and I have remained well and I firmly believe that they are the reason…. But I am not taking any chance now there is a vaccine available and I will not expose my patients nor my elderly parents (who I hope I can visit soon) to risk either.

I am integrative and to that end I believe in utilising the very best that nature and modern medicine has to offer and one does not need to be at the expense of another but instead has the ability to co-exist.  We have an opportunity to get this virus under control and I hope to get to something much better than normal with more respect for all living beings  – animal and plant and respect the amazing world we live in instead of destroying it.  

To learn more about what I use to support my health – see my video on Immune Support and get in touch with any questions – above all stay safe, follow the guidance please.

Do You Need To Cleanse Your Insides?

I recently watched a social media video by a young doctor who was slating cleansing and detoxing programmes and saying how you don’t need one and that the kidneys and liver do this for you.  Whilst she is correct it is only to a point.  No organ can work to its full potential if it is overwhelmed with the toxins we put in and around our bodies from alcohol, drugs (medicinal and…), skincare and cleaning products to processed food and intensively farmed produce and all the added ingredients that entails.   

In addition stress increases the cortisol coursing through our bodies helping to promote an inflammatory state that also does not aid getting your system back on track.  No time is more important than now with the pandemic and the increase in cases as well as a new variant, so supporting your immune system to work at its very best is vital.

Now you may benefit from cleansing your system if you are suffering with any of the following

  • You’ve not had the cleanest lifestyle
  • Rashes and skin infections
  • Feeling bloated
  • Irritation, unmotivated and sluggish
  • Feeling drained, tired and foggy headed
  • Bad breath
  • Irregular periods
  • Acne
  • If you’ve had a terrible diet for the last gazillion years!
  • Aches and pains
  • Frequent Headaches

In addition many people mistake nutritional deficiency symptoms for diseases and seek to remedy that disease with toxic drugs which eventually causes actual health problems!! 

To rule this out simply feed your cells more and eliminate the possibility that these symptoms are merely nutritional deficiency issues. 

How can we tell if we are getting enough nutrition?

  • Emotionally more stable
  • Greater ability to focus and remember things
  • Thicker, stronger, shinier hair
  • Moisturized skin
  • More energy
  • More mobility
  • Less aches & pain
  • More quality sleep
  • Stronger bones & teeth
  • Stronger immunity
  • Improved vision
  • Healthier organs that can filter & metabolize effective
  • Improved gut health
  • and more good stuff… 

How can I tell if I have nutritional deficiency?

Your body will give you signs that it is not receiving the right amount of nutrients.  When we take enough micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc.) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) our body will function as it should.   

I am a doctor with a passion about  prevention being better than cure and with a diploma in nutrition I feel it is vital to address the issues that cause us so many problems which is a pro-inflammatory diet and find solutions to get you back on track.

Now this is not a detox programme or weight-loss regime.   This is a lifestyle solution that will help you not just reach your well-being goals but take you beyond them too.

It is run by The Oil Medics who are a collective of wellness advocates with extensive experience in frontline medicine as well as holistic therapies- doctor, nurse, paramedic & nurse turned nutritional therapist

As health professionals  for many years, we have experienced  that health problems often resolve when people are mindful of what they eat and how they can support  their bodies through supplementation. 

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Some Healthful Tips For Christmas Cheer

Christmas Tips For Lockdown

While this may not be the christmas everyone would like here are some ways you can make it better than you think, we have the blessing of great communication tools so now more than ever make them count.

Please follow government guidance to keep this Christmas safe and well – many people especially the emergency services who are working on Christmas day will not have a chance to even form a mini Christmas bubble.

Use group video calls will make a kind of virtual party

Plan your call to have company for your meal

Choose some entertainment – many traditional group games will still be fun online





Choose a film to watch together

If alone enjoy some good food and entertainment

Focus on the positives of the situation will help lift your mood and keep it elevated and reach out and pick up the phone – people often are not aware others are struggling.

If you are struggling with low mood – The Tapping Solution is a great App , trying to focus on 5 blessings can help to lift you up as well as seeking out funny uplifting entertainment.  If things are too much there are many charities who offer help via phone lines and webchat and A&E mental health services operate 24 hours a day please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Reach out to people alone – inviting them to your virtual party or just send them a message.

Please check on neighbours who are alone not just the elderly or vulnerable – many people have no support bubble and this will be an extra lonely time.

We can and will get through this, but the most important thing is to stay safe and well.

For more guidance

Lots of exciting things coming up in the New Year see Facebook events for up to date info

Wishing you all the best for a lovely Christmas

Stay safe, well and healthy

Blessings to you all



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What you need to know about COVID – 19 and who you need to ignore

So time and time again at the moment I hear the words “if the survivability from Covid is 99.9% effective why do we need a vaccine that is only 95% effective.” – this prompts a head in hands moment so read on.

My daily life at work in A&E

Don’t confuse mortality- death – with morbidity – the condition of suffering from a disease or medical condition – just because the survival rate is so great does not mean this virus is not serious.  For many the symptoms are thankfully mild but for the others they are not.  Many people are needing an admission to hospital and lengthy stays on the ward or higher levels of care such as HDU or ITU.  For those that don’t need admission at the time of contracting the virus they can still be suffering many months after with long covid – intense lethargy, chest pain, shortness of breath, much of the time these are fit healthy people who are now getting breathless on walking to the loo.  Sure they are surviving but are seriously affected – is this what you want?

This is the reality, take it from me, so who will you listen to?   Me, a frontline doctor working in A&E and seeing these patients on a daily basis or the person who keeps posting on FB who hasn’t seen the inside of a hospital or knows no one affected seriously with COVID?

Our NHS is overwhelmed not just with patients but short of staff who are off sick with COVID putting themselves at risk on a daily basis to do their job and we haven’t truly hit winter yet, we need you to stay safe, follow the guidance and keep yourself healthy.


  • try to stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from anyone you do not live with (or anyone not in your support bubble)
  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • wash your hands as soon as you get home
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards


  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

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Bladder Issues in Dogs or What Options are There When Conventional Medicine Fails?

Bambi is my paraplegic boy and due to that is not able to empty his bladder  correctly so needs regular voiding. Dogs like this are at risk of kidney problems but also bladder issues resulting in difficulty elminating urine even with assistance – a few months ago I started having difficulty voiding Bambi which is done by suprapubic pressure – several urine tests prove negative but we tried antibiotics anyway and although there was a transient improvement that only lasted 2 to 3 days after and after two courses of antibiotics and an ultrasound scan we were still no better off.  

The scan revealed thickening in the bladder so we were a bit stumped what to do as antibiotics had not helped so I turned to my trusty essential oils Bambi  was already on On Guard, the protective blend but I added in DDR Prime (DDR Prime is a proprietary blend that supports healthy cellular integrity and protects the body systems and cells from oxidative stress ) and a topical blend over his kidney’s and bladder area  as well as Aromatouch in a massage also over his bladder area a few mins prior to voiding to assist in relaxing the muscles.  

Within days I was starting to see a real and sustained improvement and I was overjoyed to see his stream was once again capable of hitting his siblings on the paw.  

Now we are just on maintenance oils of On Guard & DDR Prime – this stuff works!

The oils I used are certified therapeutic grade and for internal use.

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Why I Ditched The Curly Girl Method OR How I Fixed My Hair!

So about a year ago I heard about the curly girl method – a way to enhance our natural curls and bring an end to the circle of straightening with GHDs and/or poor dry hair etc.

I was really excited about this although my very long hair to my waist was actually in very good condition.  I rarely dried it preferring to leave it to dry naturally although I did straighten it on occasion.  Anyway, I set about with gusto following FB groups and individuals checked the products I was using when a few months in my hair definitely did not look like the lovely pics on FB and IG I persevered asking and getting advice and adjusting what I was doing accordingly.

Me and my hair a few months after starting the curly girl method

My hair although getting curlier was becoming more and more tangled every day and didn’t feel soft and like it had before the CGM but dry and coarse.  I noticed more and more hair coming out in the shower and the hair washing days I was using more and more conditioner to detangle my extremely knotted hair.  By lockdown I was going to give up as a few friends had also had similar experiences to me and had already abandoned the method.  

Anyway, the need to wash my hair daily after shifts due to the rish prompted me to ask my neighbour -who with no hairdressing training did a pretty good job of cutting my hair off at my shoulders.  My long tresses were no more.  It was then that I was able to appreciate fully the extent of the damage my hair had undergone by trying this method to enhance my curls.  My hair was so much thinner and broken all over – I was truly shocked.  Also bizarrely, the shorter hair far from enhancing the curl as I thought it would allow it to spring up the curl more or less disappeared to be replaced by gentle waves.

So my new method became a quest to repair the CGM – a few months in I can now say my hair is improving – curls are springing up and it is feeling soft and looking more healthy – there is still some way to go but improving all the time.

doTerra shampoo and conditioner has been of great benefit in washing and conditioning my hair but hair repair needs to be approached from both the inside and out and the inside was covered with LLV a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and plant botanicals and omega oils it has ensured I am getting the nutrients to enhance my hair along with DDR Prime to enhance cellular repair.  For drying I make an anti-frizz balm with rosemary oil which has long been known for its hair- rejuvenating benefits.

It is always good to try things but you also need to know when to quit and now I return to my previous way of managing my hair and I quite like the shorter look.

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We Finally Visited The Isle Of Mull

So I have just got back from an amazing holiday holiday on the Isle of Mull – it was an 8 day trip for me and my 6 dogs and after stressing about the ferry crossing which was actually fine I could not believe I had put off such a trip for so long.  I am now forging ahead with other trips I have wanted to do and put off and the saying “action cures fear ” is so very true.

Ready for the off!

The key was research and prep – which definitely takes a lot of anxiety out of something new – I have never driven on a ferry and obviously not taken my dogs on there either- plus the trip was our  longest one to date.  But with detailed organisation I was ready and extremely excited.

I knew one of my dogs would struggle being in the van, so I got him a passenger pass and once onboard up the very steep steps we went out on deck and I applied Balance blend to in between his paw pads and back of his neck and by the time we were away from the port he was chilled on the floor.

After Balance blend

The trip was a real testament to the many uses of oils as I used them for relaxing my dogs for the ferry crossing and also for my dog with hip dysplasia who with his diminutive springer sister Evie ensured we had a solid 2nd place both Saturday and Sunday in his first canicross event back since the diagnosis.

With Scottish hills – I am not used to in Manchester – and rain – which I am definitely used to in Manchester it was a muddy and wet course – technically challenging with some steep drops as well not good for my fear of heights a definite mix of fun and fear and springertastic for the dogs. 

The end of Saturday I was aching but a warm shower and liberal application of deep blue oil on every aching muscle meant when I woke the next day I was ready for action and we retained our second place and had an excellent run.  

The oils have also been used extensively for Rowan utilising the Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which is chock full of anti-oxidants to help combat inflammation and boy it must have worked as I was back to my normal screaming of “steady” on the downhill sections and I can neither confirm nor deny the use of expletives when I was scared!

Rowan with 2 of my 3 disabled dogs – Maz the 2 legged wonder from Afghanistan and Bambi my little Romanian paraplegic warrior

Rowan (who got diagnosed with hip dysplasia in May) was running absolutely beautifully – all thanks to Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which was the only thing I added in when he got the diagnosis – he was already on frankincense and copaiba for pain relief and having regular massage, strength and conditioning exercises and red light therapy and although he was doing brilliant he just was not ready to return to running and no one was sure what was wrong.  When we could finally get xrays following lockdown and the diagnosis was discovered enter the deep blue polyphenol complex and the changes were awesome – I knew he was doing well but this weeked really was the proof in the pudding.

Deep blue is suitable for dogs over about 18kg 1 per day.

The supplement chock full of anti-oxidants which helps to reduce inflammation you can read more about it here >>>>> Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

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What My Dog Taught Me About Toxin Free Living

It literally all started with my beautiful dog Toffee and her skin my poor beautiful girl had terrible inflamed and itchy skin and gut intolerances.  I didn’t know much but I had this sense that what I used in the home had an effect so I started researching and going back to basics.  By eliminating common household products and going back to natural ones I helped her skin heal and food adjustment did the rest.

Over the years as a doctor I have seen many patients present with rashes we call contact dermatitis – this is inflamed skin that is caused by something it has been in contact with..  When you talk about what people use around the home you always find a new laundry detergent or something fabric spray or shower gel and the list goes on. 

We are now bombarded on a daily basis with products that cause our protective layer  -our skin – to break down and are continually inhaled in the air we breathe and ingested on our hands or via the food we eat 

We know that there has been a 3 fold  increase in allergies in the last 30 years in humans so it is not hard to assume a similar figure for our pets.  

1 in 3 humans have a chronic illness associated with an allergy such as asthma or eczema

There are many factors associated

  • Unnaturally refined diet
  • Double glazing
  • Exposure to chemicals
    • Build up in  the home – building materials
    • Foam furnishings
    • Fire retardant tx
    • Carpets
    • Paint
    • Cleaning and personal care products
  • Inside out homes 90% of the time

This constant onslaught on our immune system causes it to be overwhelmed and we develop an intolerance to products and in addition the harshness of the products affect us in a variety of ways.  

And in actual fact it has been found that the air in our homes is 2 to 5x more polluted than outside – scary!

Now we may not be able to do a lot about some factors such as building materials unless we can fully embrace the eco life but we can do something about cleaners and personal care by switching to toxin free solutions which is so easy to do and also so much cheaper too.

Whilst I was at medical school I also worked as a dog trainer and did a lot of puppy classes and so often owners would ask my advice about their puppy’s rash on its tummy – I would always ask what they were using on their floor either to mop or to clean a carpet.  Every time it was something mainstream to promote a sparkly floor or a fragrant carpet – kids crawl on these floors too.

I would suggest elimintating the product and sure enough the rash was then eliminated.  The same thing occurred when I did my GP rotation a new rash on someone always corresponded with a laundry detergent on special offer that had optimcal brighteners in it, these products fool you into thinking they get your clothes cleaner by making them appear brighter than they are but it is all an illusion and they do nothing to aid cleaning and can irritate our skin when exposed to bright light, also they are not readily biodegradable and so are a hazard to aquatic life.  

Other items to avoid are  ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate  (SLS) that is present in a wide variety of products often utilised as the foaming agent in soaps and shampoo amongst other things such as toothpaste and cleaning products is used to remove oily stains and break down surface dirt but it has been linked to a variety of skin conditions not least eczema – and bizarrely it features as an ingredient in many common emollients – not surprising really that some eczema worsens the more these products are used.  

Fabric conditioner is also fake as it works by placing small molecules of a lubricant between the fibres of the clothes so they feel softer but you are wearing the chemical and the actual fabric is not altered at all but can leave you with headaches and organ damage as they are absorbed by your skin and in the air you breathe.  Biological washing powder with their enzymatic action  and enhanced cleaning powder can irritate the skin the VOCs contained in cleaners and also air fresheners and baby shampoo  are formaldehyde which is a preservative but can cause skin irritation and respiratory issues

So what about all those anti-bacterial cleaners they must be good surely?  Well triclosan and that is the anti-microbial ingredient contained in them has been linked to endocrine disrupters & other health concerns and the FDA state that there looks to be no enhanced benefit over just using soap and water and there it is also thought that these anti-bacterial products  contribute to antibacterial  resistance which causes a huge challenge to treat many bacterial infections.  

Phthalates – in detergents and personal care products such as nail varnish, hair spray, after shave lotion, soaps, shampoo and perfume are endocrine disrupters and can have quite profound effects.

Finally don’t be fooled into eco products not having these harmful constituents many do – green doesn’t mean safe and many if these so called eco products have just as many toxins and many of these so styled as fragranced with essential oils utilise solvents in their production which are irritants to the skin and respiratory tract. 

By using a few base ingredients you can easily make your own products at a fraction of the price and are so much safer.

My members group has a whole host of these recipes for whatever need you have.

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Why I love Essential Oils For My Skin

Skincare is how I started using essential oils.  I had this hyperpigmentation and was aware that it was unlikely to go without some form of dermabrasion an expensive somewhat harsh therapy I wasn’t bothered enough to do, but still thought it would be nice without the dark patches on my skin.  So I though I would investigate some other ways to see if I could eradicate it.

Essential oils came up first in my searching and first of all lemon which I used in a skin toner, I also made a serum using frankincense, myrrh and lavender for use at night.  This combination really saved me a huge amount of money – I had always used good quality, high end products from a natural based company but it had had no effect on the pigmentation and to be honest my acne was flaring as well – but my DIY products really started improving my skin.   These homemade items cost a fraction of what I had been spending on my skin and were making significantly more difference to it.

From here I started experimenting more and more and went from serums to moisturisers and lip balms and even soap.  It was not long before every skincare product in my home became a DIY product.  Not only was I saving money, huge amounts of money in fact I was reaping the rewards as my hyper-pigmentaiton was disappearing, acne way gone as well, I really could not believe it.

I was using more and more oils and finding the results amazing.

In March I had a free gift with my monthly doTerra order (doTerra do this every month it is a great benefit to being a member) of Salubelle and although I was happy with my skin I thought I would give this blend a go.  It is a mix of frankincense, helichrysum and other wonderful oils as a blend designed for its beautifying effects.

For 2 weeks I used it but to be honest I thought it was crap – my skin felt dry and not like its normal feeling when I used my DIY serum.  Then I looked in my downstairs mirror – you know the mirror that that you use for applying your makeup the one with the best lighting that holds no bars, the one you don’t want to look in when tired but there I was looking at my skin and very much aware that fine lines had gone and wrinkles lessened.   I literally could not believe it, even the residual hyper-pigmentation was less.  I realised the dryness I was experiencing was exfoliation – prior to that I did exfoliate every night but that had not made the difference I experienced with Salubelle.  On reading some of the reviews I diluted the products down with fractionated coconut oil to 50% so being more cost-effective but with no perceived difference in efficacy.  

Recently, I have done a number of videos and so many people have commented on how great my skin looks – well this is why!

Not only that but I have not suffered  the effects of wearing a mask with spots all around the mask line like so many regular mask wearers are.  I credit salubelle with this too.

So many natural alternatives that prove time and time again to be more effective than lab produced items.

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