How to Feel Better in 30 Days

Giving your body a spring clean is a great way to  rebalance your body after illness or stressful events, assist in weight loss, get you back on track after a blow out and even help with skin and sleep and so much more.

Our health is a function of what we put into our bodies whether that is from eating, breathing or applying products to our skin.  Whilst we often look at what we eat and the importance of regular exercise and sleep we often forget out the effect of toxins on our bodies.  A toxin is any substance that places undue stress on the body, how they accumulate within your body and the burden they place on vital organs is referred to as toxic load.  Minimising this toxic load can influence your health as much as any other controllable factor.  We are exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis with everything we do and from many sources we may not be aware of – from the air we breath, the food we eat, any chemical (natural or synthetic) that we come into contact with while cleaning our home or ourselves exposes us to substances that can negatively affect our health.  Lungs, digestive system and skin are the most vulnerable pathways.

So first thing is to reduce the toxic load and our body has a number of defensive mechanisms which are destined to protect our vital body systems. 

So lets with the mucus membranes that line our nose (and the hair there too which is why nasal waxing is not a good idea), mouth and throat and help trap foreign particles.  As we progress down our digestive tract there are trillions of micro-organisms “probiotics” that maintain digestive efficiency and support our immune system and enable it to respond to toxic threats.  Finally, the liver and the kidneys work to identify and eliminate toxic substances from our blood. 

When our body is functioning properly it is a very efficient toxic load minimiser and the key to keeping these vital mechanisms maintained is three-fold.

 Minimising exposure

Supporting vital organs

Protective processes through healthy diet and regular detoxification

A 30 day detox is a great way to address your detoxification needs and support the vital organs that work to keep you healthy.  

Before I got interested in essential oils I made up my own regime but now I can recommend the Cleanse and Restore 30 Day plan as it is so much easier for clients to manage and addresses even more than I ever did.

I have always had a “thing” where I only recommend stuff I have tried and loved or in some cases read a load of evidence to support recommendation.  In the case of the 30 day I have done both and really feel the benefit of the detox and in all honesty it is so much easier than loads of blending  and juicing I would do for a normal detox programme!

The foundation of doTERRA’s detoxification program is the Cleanse & Restore Kit, a combination of several innovative products and an easy to follow 30-day regimen designed specifically to help you naturally minimize toxic load.*

30-Day Renewing and Cleanse Plan

Days 1-30

Support Healthy Digestion and Metabolism*

  *   DigestZen TerraZyme®: 1-3 capsules with meals daily


  *   Lemon Essential Oil: 1-3 drops in water 3-5 times daily

  *   Zendocrine® Detoxification Complex: 1 capsule 2-3 times daily

Days 1-10

Support Filtering Organs*

  *   Zendocrine® Softgels: 1 softgel 2-3 times daily

Days 11-20

Cleanse Intestinal Tract*

  *   GX Assist®: 1-3 softgels a day with meals

Days 21-30

Support Healthy Digestive Function and Immunity*

  *   PB Assist®+: 1-3 capsules a day with meals

Support Cellular Health*

  *   DDR Prime® Softgels: take 2 softgels daily with meal

Get in touch if you would like to know more and get set up on this.  The 30 days does not just end there you get continued support in my private members group and an onwards plan to continue to optimise your cellular health.  

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