Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin

I often mention my dog Toffee and how her allergies and gut intolerances lead me down this amazing path of integrative medicine.  When you have a dog or cat or…. with skin and gut issues it is important you approach healing with an holistic approach and everything is the sum of all the parts and no body system is in isolation

So let us look at nutrition first – dogs were descended from village dogs thousands of years ago and their digestive system was designed to be living on scraps and what it scavenged – now I am not saying feed your dogs scraps the point is – processed food and kibble has only been around a few decades and their bodies like our own are not designed to process it.  Since the advent of processed food there has been a sharp increase in allergies and intolerances and the skin and gut has suffered as a result.  

I am a big fan of raw food but whether that is for you, what I would say is used the least processed food available for your dog as processed food is lacking in crucial digestive enzymes that break down the food and provide crucial energy to cells for them to function optimally.  That is why diet is so crucial and the basis of improving health and wellness.

Some amazing supplements that can support your dogs health and well-being can really aid in this area.

Terrazyme is a digestive enzyme complex that helps the digestion of proteins, complex carbs, sugars and fats and if we are deficient in these enzymes our body has to divert other resources for metabolic function towards the production of digestive enzymes and therefore optimal cell function and therefore health can be compromised as free radicals for example that contribute to the inflammatory process cannot be held in check.

Dogs >9kg 1 capsule

< 9kg half a capsule

Ensuring good gut function is vital and the onslaught on our bodies including stress and use of antibiotics also via meat that is ingested can cause a dysfunction in gut bacteria which due to the synergy between the gut and brain can cause digestive issues along with emotional difficulties and vice versa.  So repopulating the gut with a pro-biotic can be vital – PB Assist is suitable for dogs over 12kg and is a dual chamber capsule with prebiotic fibre and 6 strains of probiotic organisms which helps optimise digestive function and support a healthy immune system.

Omega 3 is also of great benefit in helping to support the skin and and the doTerra kids omega 3 oil is ideal for this with a dose of ½ tsp per 5kg of weight

Animals like humans are very susceptible to toxins around the home and what you use on yourself as well can have a detrimental effect. In my previous post I mentioned how the home is estimated to be 2-5x more polluted than the air outside so minimising these threats makes a massive difference. Read that here >>>>>What My Dog Taught Me About Toxin Free Living

Using natural products around the home and diffusing Protective Blend can help minimise these environmental threats.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to support the body from the inside and out and all members of my private group get access to all the recipes and personalised advice they need to support their pets. 

Some oils are natural anti-histamines, others support the immune response with oils providing soothing and healing properties to inflamed skin there really is a whole heap of things you can do to help to assist your dog naturally – why not watch my FREE Essential Oils Made Easy For Dogs

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