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Bladder Issues in Dogs or What Options are There When Conventional Medicine Fails?

Bambi is my paraplegic boy and due to that is not able to empty his bladder  correctly so needs regular voiding. Dogs like this are at risk of kidney problems but also bladder issues resulting in difficulty elminating urine even with assistance – a few months ago I started having difficulty voiding Bambi which is done by suprapubic pressure – several urine tests prove negative but we tried antibiotics anyway and although there was a transient improvement that only lasted 2 to 3 days after and after two courses of antibiotics and an ultrasound scan we were still no better off.  

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Would Your Dog Benefit From a Digestive Enzyme Supplement?

Does your dog (or you) have gut intolerances, skin sensitivity, ligament issues (studies show decreased injury in humans when on a digestive enzyme), need immune support?
There are so many things Terrazyme can help with- humans and dogs.

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Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin

I often mention my dog Toffee and how her allergies and gut intolerances lead me down this amazing path of integrative medicine.  When you have a dog or cat or…. with skin and gut issues it is important you approach healing with an holistic approach and everything is the sum of all the parts and no body system is in isolation

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We Finally Visited The Isle of Mull

So I have just got back from an amazing holiday holiday on the Isle of Mull – it was an 8 day trip for me and my 6 dogs and after stressing about the ferry crossing which was actually fine I could not believe I had put off such a trip for so long.  I am now forging ahead with other trips I have wanted to do and put off and the saying “action cures fear ” is so very true

The trip was a real testament to the many uses of oils as I used them for relaxing my dogs for the ferry crossing and also for my dog with hip dysplasia who with his diminutive springer sister Evie ensured we had a solid 2nd place both Saturday and Sunday in his first canicross event back since the diagnosis.

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What I Learnt From My Dog About Toxin Free Living

It literally all started with my beautiful dog Toffee and her skin my poor beautiful girl had terrible inflamed and itchy skin and gut intolerances.  I didn’t know much but I had this sense that what I used in the home had an effect so I started researching and going back to basics.  By eliminating common household products and going back to natural ones I helped her skin heal and food adjustment did the rest

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