Food for Ageless Ageing Part 1

As a nation we are not as healthy as we were a few decades ago – I can remember the first real TV dinner Boil in the Bag fish with parsley sauce! What a treat that was when my mum got it for us, now processed food like that and far worse is the norm for the average meal and with that comes obesity, heart disease, cancer and so much more. Any processed food even a seemingly harmless boil in the bag fish – does that even exist now? Is loaded with salt, sugar or oil and certainly preservatives which all contribute vastly to declining health. Plus food is produced with a vast array of toxins from weed killers to growth hormones – we are slowly poisoning ourselves so it is important to take steps to alter that path. Unfortunately, we are generally reactive to nutrition rather than pro-active, we address issues only because we put on weight or suffer with high blood pressure or get sick when really we need to plan for the future. And often people are not reactive to nutrition but prefer to pop a pill rather than address the root cause which would actually be so much more effective. And once you have one pill, it is a short leap to needing more to control other symptoms when we actually have the capacity within ourselves and our environment to improve our health.
I endorse a wholefood plantbased diet but I do appreciate that is not everyone’s goal but even then you can still do much to improve they way you eat. Choose unprocessed food, choose good quality produce that has not been intensively farmed, not subject to GMO production and certainly not sprayed with pesticides. If for you this means animal products then choose those that are organic and free range and especially choose grass over grain fed. CIWF is a great place to start for more information.

So what should we be eating – well an easy way to remember is GBOMBS

Greens – What do you think of when I mention green veg? Yellow cabbage, floppy brussels sprouts, stringy spinach? Most of the issues with green veg and people’s lack of eating it seems to be an inherent dislike due to their experiences of how it is cooked. Most of it is boiled to buggery (to quote my friend) and consequently unappetising and hardly surprising people are not eating enough greens.
Why should you eat Greens? The dark-leafy vegetables are the healthiest on the plant, they actually offer the most bang for your buck that is the most nutrition per calorie. Eating greens every day could be one of the most powerful things you do for your health, they provide the strongest protection against chronic disease and up to a 20% decrease in heart attacks and strokes for every serving. Green veg to eat includes greens, kale, salad leaves, spinach and chard, rocket, cauliflower,brussels sprouts, cabbage and watercress with the last 5 falling into the cruciferous veg category which contain powerful antioxidants that can prevent cancer, boost liver detox, protect your brain, eyesight and help control type 2 diabetes.
Quick but important note – if on warfarin and going to increase your intake of greens make sure you inform your doctor as it can interfere with the effectiveness of the drug as greens impart vitamin K whereas warfarin impedes the enzyme that recycles it, so your warfarin dose will need titrating.
So all well and good but how to eat it, well quite simply if it needs cooking and you can eat it all raw then just steam it for a few mins til a knife goes in easily, and colour remains, flavour is locked in along with nutrients. Easy. For spinach I simply put in a sieve and pour over boiling water – done! Also add raw to a smoothie is a great way to eat it. About 3 portions a day which is 1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked.

Beans – such as black, butter, cannellini, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils etc – the humble bean is loaded with protein, iron and zinc, fibre, folate and potassium and low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol free. You should be aiming for 3 servings a day for optimum benefit – a serving is roughly half a cup with hummus being ¼ cup portion – that isn’t actually that much to consume. The pic shows 2 portions of beans – just half a can how easy is that! Eating 3 portions of legumes a day is associated with weight-loss and lower blood pressure not to mention improving the regulation of blood sugar, insulin levels and cholesterol. How good is that!
Now I know beans get a bad rap for their side effects! But by changing how you prepare them you will change how they affect you. The beans like chickpeas, butter etc need soaking before cooking (assuming you buy dried – personally I find most canned beans also produce the unwarranted side effects although not baked beans interestingly – no idea why, just be careful with canned and the sodium content as that can be high), soak for 48 hours changing water every 12 hours and then cook in your chosen dish – I always use a slow cooker and cook for apx 8-12 hours, it makes life very easy. There are so many dishes you can make with beans, the humble lentil are super easy to use but I also love black beans and they make a great meat replacement and of course the humble chickpeas in hummus! I’ve got some great recipes to add to this site with beans so do check back.

Part 2 to follow in a few days

August Musings

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Well August has gone by in mainly a pile of rain – certainly was for me living in Manchester – where the summer has been I am not sure!  Anway the topic for August was all about skincare, I planned on sending this out a little earlier but wanted to get my website finalised before hand so I could share it.  It is still a work in progress but my blog post on skin care will be up next so please return and have a look.

I also want to share with you about the Plant Fit Summit  – it is a free to join health summit with speakers ranging from medical doctors to olympians.  I discovered it last year and was absolutely blown away with all the incredible stuff I learnt, although I already had a very healthy diet it still changed the way I did certain things most notebly cutting out refined oil including vegetable spread on bread and swapping sugar for plant syrups or fruit.  Although I still make a few of my traditional cakes and bakes I have been experimenting with sugar and fat free and been really pleased with the results. Check out more info on the summit here.

This month also saw me raising money for the rescue Eli For Animals – they are based in Romania and rescue abandoned animals, provide them with food, shelter and veterinary care.  I fostered last year and then adopted a blind dog from them called Inka – Inka was found in river at only 2 weeks of age with her head on a piece of wood trying to stay afloat, fortunatley rescue was at hand and she was save by Eli- 

Now over 1 year old she took part in her first cani-cross race (she loves to run) at Pembrey Country Park, it will be the first of many races but this one was in aid of Eli, if you would like to sponsor us it would be much appreciated as the rescue needs vital funds.

More about them here

I absolutely love cani-cross and compete regularly and this past weekedn got a 1st place in the 5k and 3rd in an arduous 10k – but its not about the competitions for me it is about spending time with my pooches and cani-cross is a great way to increase that bond. I do training classes in the local area or as an online course for more info please see here .

Please check back soon I’ve got lots I want to put on here, and please feel free to message anything you would like me to cover or comments in general I’d love to hear.

Yours Healthfully

Helene x