Some Healthful Tips For Christmas Cheer

Christmas Tips For Lockdown

While this may not be the christmas everyone would like here are some ways you can make it better than you think, we have the blessing of great communication tools so now more than ever make them count.

Please follow government guidance to keep this Christmas safe and well – many people especially the emergency services who are working on Christmas day will not have a chance to even form a mini Christmas bubble.

Use group video calls will make a kind of virtual party

Plan your call to have company for your meal

Choose some entertainment – many traditional group games will still be fun online





Choose a film to watch together

If alone enjoy some good food and entertainment

Focus on the positives of the situation will help lift your mood and keep it elevated and reach out and pick up the phone – people often are not aware others are struggling.

If you are struggling with low mood – The Tapping Solution is a great App , trying to focus on 5 blessings can help to lift you up as well as seeking out funny uplifting entertainment.  If things are too much there are many charities who offer help via phone lines and webchat and A&E mental health services operate 24 hours a day please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Reach out to people alone – inviting them to your virtual party or just send them a message.

Please check on neighbours who are alone not just the elderly or vulnerable – many people have no support bubble and this will be an extra lonely time.

We can and will get through this, but the most important thing is to stay safe and well.

For more guidance

Lots of exciting things coming up in the New Year see Facebook events for up to date info

Wishing you all the best for a lovely Christmas

Stay safe, well and healthy

Blessings to you all



Get in touch with any questions

Do we need supplements?

So if you had asked me this 6 months ago I would have firmly said NO if you have a good balanced diet.  I ate a great diet, I was very nutritionally aware and incorporated daily the necessary food sources to accomplish that.  And as a vegan I didn’t take any vitamin B12 supplements either, prefering to source my requirements from nutritional yeast and yeast extract and my bloods were all easily in the right range and my vitamin B12 had actually increased since adopting my daily yeast consumption.  

So what changed? February I didn’t feel 100% – winter is never great for me and my Greek heritage, I need sunshine, anyway I noticed that a few people who had started on the supplements I sold without any recommendation from me I should add commented how much better they felt.  So I thought what the hell let’s give them a go!  With a 30 day money back guarantee I couldn’t exactly go wrong.  

Within 2 days I felt more energised and well, it was remarkable, now not everyone gets such an obvious response sometimes they don’t notice til they stop them thinking they are doing nothing and then wham they realise that they did and start back on them!  So I was pretty hooked but the medical side of me said did they actually match up?

I then, coincidentally, started my diploma in nutrition and so I went through the supplements I sell with a fine tooth comb and found that yes they in fact do!  

So why if I had this amazing diet did I benefit and don’t think it is because my vegan was not healthy -the science is there to prove that it is and I could wax lyrical about it but let’s stick to the case in point, so what I found from doing my nutrition diploma was that how our soil fertility has decreased massively and estimates are that within about 40 to 50 years the soil fertility will be completely eroded.   

Why is this? Well modern farming methods employ the use of tillage that is where you see those heavy ploughs going around and turning over the soil – what they actually do is only turn over the top 18 inches of soil and actually compact the area underneath.  This means that the biodiversity that we need in the soil to provide fertility is massively reduced because there’s only 18inches now because the underneath of it is compacted like concrete from the impact.  This also means that for this area of soil the rainwater can’t be absorbed in the field and is one of the contributing factors to the reason we have got so many flooded areas when we have periods of intense rain because the soil can’t drain away as the water is effectively lying on something akin to concrete.  This floodwater also washes away the nutrients in the soil.  It’s been proven that this intensive farming method actually yield less produce due to the reduced nutrients in the soil and reduced nutrients means less going into the fruit and vegetables that we actually eat. 

So what can we do?   Well, switch to organic produce yes but not all organic farmers employ no tillage methods and definitely look towards smaller farmers as well that will help the environment and your health.  Interestingly the no tillage methods are popular in the USA but the UK still slow to embrace the change.

What are these methods?

1. Continuous no or minimum mechanical soil disruption

2. Permanent mulch on soil surface to protect and feed soil life

3. Diversification of species – through rotational, sequences or associations

So what this means is that even with the best will in the world and adherence to good quality produce it is very likely we will still be lacking in essential nutrients plus our bodies are subjected to more toxins in the environment than ever before from the pollutants in daily life meaning that we need extra support than we can currently always get.  It would be great if we could all live somewhere by the sea or in the countryside breathing beautiful fresh air and eating from our gardens but that sadly isn’t  always possible and although, I grow a lot of my own stuff I live in a city centre subject to the air pollution plus the soil is poor quality from old building rubble.  And even if we are not lacking in nutrients (I wasn’t) stress and other factors that can affect our well-being all require a bit of a boost at times.

So supplements are worth having but not all supplements are created equally and for further investigation I decided to look at all the supplements that were for sale in a well known chain store and compare them.   So regulations state that as long as you have a certain level of ingredient in the supplement you can put that on the label and that doesn’t have to be the recommended daily allowance level.   Therefore, all multi-vitamin & mineral supplements are not created equal. I was quite shocked with the results.  

So let’s use Vit D3 as an example the recommended daily allowance is 600 international units daily for men and women rising to 800 international units for the over 70s the vast majority of these supplements had 400 IU or even less and I found one product only had 100 IUs in them.  

Yes I sell supplements and so I have a vested interest in promoting them but this is what I have come to learn after a lot of research, and a bit of eating of humble pie as I was totally and utterly against them.  

Get in touch if you would like to know more about the lifelong vitality pack and a 30 day money-back guarantee and feel free to do your own research and let me know your thoughts.

The Healthful Doctor’s Guide to Better Sleep

Sleep or lack of must be the number one thing I hear troubling people – colleagues, patients, clients, friends – it plagues our daily lives and the awful thing is people consider it to be the normal and just accept it to be that way.

But it is not normal and sleep is essential for the immune system, daily repair of the body, stress management, physical activity and cognitive function and without this essential process then we can and do get sick and life becomes much harder.  In fact every organ is affected by poor sleep. Short term memory becomes long term during sleep as well.

I am always so jealous of my pets ability to sleep anywhere and be so chilled!

Approximately 1/3 of the population do not get enough sleep and there is actually lots you can do about poor sleep to make it better.   I speak from personal experience as my working hours means my body clock even on days off is all skew whiff and I struggle to get to bed early as I am not tired then and tend to get a second wind at about midnight.  On work days I can only get about 5 hours sleep due to daily life but I was struggling to get enough sleep as my dogs or the sunlight (or both ) wake me and I also found I was waking up during the night therefore minimising the quality of those precious 4 to 5 hours!  

We all know how awful we feel after a poor night’s sleep and how great we look and feel after a good one.  So why is it people don’t seek help? I actually don’t know the answer so please tell me below if you can? Does it just sort itself out as many people think?

It certainly didn’t with me until I made a lot of changes to my sleep habits and made it better.  I spent a lot of time working out what would help gathering all the information I could find.  Everything helped make my sleep a bit more comfortable and blissful but it wasn’t until I have the essential oils I was using with my dogs are go that things started to make more massive improvements. And the real game-changer was having a diffuser in my bedroom and a tranquil blend of essential oils whether that is keeping me asleep or the dogs is anyone’s guess (although to be fair to my canine companions when I did wake they were always still and sleeping! Of course they make have been faking but I’m pretty sure they weren’t lol!)

There are a number of things you can do and as I said these all contributes well and work synergistically together.

Start off with a comfortable environment – clear clutter, comfy mattress, pillows and bedding. Make sure you can keep your room dark when you need to sleep – we are very sensitive to light and other environmental elements that affect sleep. No exposure to blue light as that activates the retinas and so activates the brain letting you think that it is time to wake up – so remove phones, tablets, TVs from your room and no checking them if you wake up during your sleep time.

Stop eating 3-4 hours before bed and choose low protein for your last meal, high carb is fine as it takes less energy to digest – simple carbs not refined ones!  Stay away from fats because they require a lot of enzymes to digest and the energy released into the circulation keeps us away.  

Add Serenity essential oils to the soles of your feet, chest and back of neck for relaxation and calming, take a Serenity Softgel capsule to further promote a restful night’s sleep. 

Use a diffuser at night to keep you enveloped in the tranquil aroma of Serenity Blend and your dogs or children if you co-sleep!

To learn more about how to get better sleep – join my online workshop – see events for more info

March For Fitness

I’ve had a bit of a blogging delay – but I’ve been doing lots behind the scenes! Not least in the middle of my Plant Based Health Professionals Nutrition Diploma which I am loving. I’ve also been creating workshops – although now online ones due to the COVID-19 situation. See events tab for information.

Anyway here we are in March and March’s theme is all about being active and getting fit.  We are not meant to be sedentary beings, in the last century ill health and obesity have dramatically increased as technology has grown. Lives are lived in buildings and vehicles with the air being breathed via air-conditioning and no exposure to nature and the probiotics present out in the soil and trees etc. If you are not used to exercise or have been ill and immobile then it can seem such a huge mountain but it literally is one step at a time. Walk 10m, the next day walk 11, etc. Start and build up slowly and surely.  Information gained by studying the @bluezones shows just how important physical exercise is for maintaining a healthy lifespan. 

Movement encourages the synovial fluid in the joints to lubricate the surfaces. Ever wondered how you can feel stiff in the joints and then once moving it improves? Same with stiff and sore muscles, movement will encourage the muscles to relax and ease up therefore reducing pain and stiffness.

Daily exercise improves blood flow and cardiovascular health – it doesn’t have to be a hard run. A 30 minute walk is massively beneficial, also get out in the fresh air, enjoy the sounds of nature and soak up the benefits of sunlight on vitamin D in the body. Not only will that be better for the health of your bones, natures sounds have been proven to help us relax so leave the head phones at home. Wherever you live find a park or open space where you can enjoy this time – explore your local area, who knows what you may find just yesterday I found a little community garden just two streets away from where I live – a lovely little space of grass and shrubs and trees.

There are so many benefits from regular exercise – most people probably associate it with good cardiovascular health but did you know it is also protective against cancer and many other detrimental physiological processes.  

Studies have shown that regular exercise decreases the risk of at least 13 cancers.  It decreases insulin resistance, decreases oestrogen levels, decreases inflammation, improves immune function and decreases cancer recurrence.

As a general guide you should aim for about 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week but daily is even better. 

As always get in touch and let me know your thoughts and please reach out if you would like some advice on attaining your fitness goals.

Helene x

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Well November

Wow where did October go? I haven’t had much chance to write as life has been chaotic BUT super exciting!

A long held plan that was often talked about was setting up a healing centre with my friend Andraya well a few weeks ago she messaged to say she had found a venue and was I in! Abso fucking lutely – and we’ve not stopped since then! Ideas back and forth over flooring, paint scheme, pictures – unicorns definitely feature hahaha and we’d both like a ride on one but we may need to save some pennies for that first!

What has been the most incredible thing and the real indicator that we are aligned more than we even thought is that constantly we are messaging about something the other is about to message. We have both “seen” the same colour scheme in the rooms, the same choice of flooring – you name it. A true sign that when things are meant to be the Universe makes sure everything is aligned.

Please check us out on FB & IG and like our pages – we’ll be sharing lots of content and some of our services will also be available remotely as well as in person at our healing centre.

See FB and IG

The theme for this month as The Healthful Doctor is wellness and delaying and preventing age-related dis-ease – the cornerstone of many being cardiovascular disease get that sorted and many other disease processes will be given the heave ho.

I’m slowly developing my website to incorporate my Canine stuff with massage therapy and cani-cross training and cani-hiking see the Who Pawa Wins tab for more info.

More recipes to follow – my main issue why they are slow to post is that I never write measurements down! Years of cooking I simply write ingredients and so every single recipe needs to be made and measurements noted before I can post! hahah that will teach me.

As always let me know if there is anything you want me to cover

Happy Healthful Living

Helene x

The Emotion Code

I’ve had a lovely weekend at the World Energy Conference in Manchester – it was inaugural event and sister to the Animal Energy World Conference that I regularly attend. So many amazing speakers which I aim to put “pen to paper” about but the first one that I have really come to love is The Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson- which is a powerful and yet simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Dr Brad as he is known gave a wonderful demonstration on its use and also spoke about the more advance Body Code as well which he has developed.
Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Both the Emotion Code and Body Code use muscle testing to answer yes and no questions to get to the crux of the issue where emotions can be released and therefore healing begins.

It was lovely to catch up with Dr Brad again and his lovely wife Jean and fill them in on the results my dog Mazar has had following his first session in May 2018 at the Animal Energy World Conference. I was fortunate to have first hand experience of this amazing modality when Dr Brad used my doggy Maz as a demo. Don’t let the pic fool you it is for humans as well as animals. Dr Brad used his wife Jean as a surrogate for the testing as you can see she has her hand placed on my dogs body so is taking on board his energy.

Maz hates travelling in my car or campervan no doubt due to emotions concerning his being run over in Afghanistan and having to fend for himself damaged and broken for 2 years. See @mazardog on FB and IG for more info .
I can honestly say the difference afterwards was incredible there were no issues for several weeks and he really was a different dog travelling. I’ve had further session since to clear further blockages and once again absolutely blown away with the results despite my left brain conventional doctor side of me being hugely sceptical beforehand. Further sessions have been with certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner Deborah Sutton who I heartedly recommend
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Happy Health

Food for Ageless Ageing Part 1

As a nation we are not as healthy as we were a few decades ago – I can remember the first real TV dinner Boil in the Bag fish with parsley sauce! What a treat that was when my mum got it for us, now processed food like that and far worse is the norm for the average meal and with that comes obesity, heart disease, cancer and so much more. Any processed food even a seemingly harmless boil in the bag fish – does that even exist now? Is loaded with salt, sugar or oil and certainly preservatives which all contribute vastly to declining health. Plus food is produced with a vast array of toxins from weed killers to growth hormones – we are slowly poisoning ourselves so it is important to take steps to alter that path. Unfortunately, we are generally reactive to nutrition rather than pro-active, we address issues only because we put on weight or suffer with high blood pressure or get sick when really we need to plan for the future. And often people are not reactive to nutrition but prefer to pop a pill rather than address the root cause which would actually be so much more effective. And once you have one pill, it is a short leap to needing more to control other symptoms when we actually have the capacity within ourselves and our environment to improve our health.
I endorse a wholefood plantbased diet but I do appreciate that is not everyone’s goal but even then you can still do much to improve they way you eat. Choose unprocessed food, choose good quality produce that has not been intensively farmed, not subject to GMO production and certainly not sprayed with pesticides. If for you this means animal products then choose those that are organic and free range and especially choose grass over grain fed. CIWF is a great place to start for more information.

So what should we be eating – well an easy way to remember is GBOMBS

Greens – What do you think of when I mention green veg? Yellow cabbage, floppy brussels sprouts, stringy spinach? Most of the issues with green veg and people’s lack of eating it seems to be an inherent dislike due to their experiences of how it is cooked. Most of it is boiled to buggery (to quote my friend) and consequently unappetising and hardly surprising people are not eating enough greens.
Why should you eat Greens? The dark-leafy vegetables are the healthiest on the plant, they actually offer the most bang for your buck that is the most nutrition per calorie. Eating greens every day could be one of the most powerful things you do for your health, they provide the strongest protection against chronic disease and up to a 20% decrease in heart attacks and strokes for every serving. Green veg to eat includes greens, kale, salad leaves, spinach and chard, rocket, cauliflower,brussels sprouts, cabbage and watercress with the last 5 falling into the cruciferous veg category which contain powerful antioxidants that can prevent cancer, boost liver detox, protect your brain, eyesight and help control type 2 diabetes.
Quick but important note – if on warfarin and going to increase your intake of greens make sure you inform your doctor as it can interfere with the effectiveness of the drug as greens impart vitamin K whereas warfarin impedes the enzyme that recycles it, so your warfarin dose will need titrating.
So all well and good but how to eat it, well quite simply if it needs cooking and you can eat it all raw then just steam it for a few mins til a knife goes in easily, and colour remains, flavour is locked in along with nutrients. Easy. For spinach I simply put in a sieve and pour over boiling water – done! Also add raw to a smoothie is a great way to eat it. About 3 portions a day which is 1 cup raw or ½ cup cooked.

Beans – such as black, butter, cannellini, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils etc – the humble bean is loaded with protein, iron and zinc, fibre, folate and potassium and low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol free. You should be aiming for 3 servings a day for optimum benefit – a serving is roughly half a cup with hummus being ¼ cup portion – that isn’t actually that much to consume. The pic shows 2 portions of beans – just half a can how easy is that! Eating 3 portions of legumes a day is associated with weight-loss and lower blood pressure not to mention improving the regulation of blood sugar, insulin levels and cholesterol. How good is that!
Now I know beans get a bad rap for their side effects! But by changing how you prepare them you will change how they affect you. The beans like chickpeas, butter etc need soaking before cooking (assuming you buy dried – personally I find most canned beans also produce the unwarranted side effects although not baked beans interestingly – no idea why, just be careful with canned and the sodium content as that can be high), soak for 48 hours changing water every 12 hours and then cook in your chosen dish – I always use a slow cooker and cook for apx 8-12 hours, it makes life very easy. There are so many dishes you can make with beans, the humble lentil are super easy to use but I also love black beans and they make a great meat replacement and of course the humble chickpeas in hummus! I’ve got some great recipes to add to this site with beans so do check back.

Part 2 to follow in a few days

Ageless September

Ageless September is all about prevention and treating common symptoms that occur as we age. Please don’t be put off if you are in your 20s or less – we all age and changes now can make a vast difference to the future, plus it can help you maybe plant the seed in your parent’s health to improve any issues they may have. I know that has been the case with mine, many of the tips I will share this month I have enticed my parents to embrace and although they are still a work in progress 🙂 small changes can definitely make huge steps.

Although we have the means and health to live longer and health span is not matching our lifespan and I see daily in my work as an ED doctor people who would be considered elderly in their 40s and 50s. My mother who is 79 (don’t tell her I told you) remarked the other day that a trip they went on everyone was very elderly at over 80! I pointed out her age and she retorted that she didn’t feel her age at all – and that really is the best attitude to have, I come from a family with a young mindset and my grandpa was climbing ladders well into his 80s. And my best friend was 30 years older than me til she passed away aged 81 but she was never old to me, had a wicked sense of humour and was every bit as much fun as people decades younger than her. Age really is a mindset and if you are dreading various age milestones or “physical decline” maybe I will be able to alleviate some of that.

Over the course of the month, I’ll look at ways you can help yourself energetically in mind, body and spirit . This will deal with nutrition and what to add in and swap out and possibly eliminate all in all. I’ll also address how to ensure your mental and cognitive health stays is optimized and also look at various energetic ways to also address issues.

Now you may be thinking well that is all very well but I come from a family who all have high-cholesterol, have died young with heart attacks and everyone has diabetes – its in the genes! Well not quite epigenetics shows us that we are more a product of our environment and our beliefs rather than our DNA. Epigenetics is the study of how genes express themselves and it shows that the external factors influence the gene expression as opposed to the genes themselves. The Bruce Lipton Book I’ve mentioned in Things I like is a great read to explain this in more detail –The Biology of Belief

Simply put if you live in a family with bad health and follow their daily lifestyle practices – bad diet, smoking, drinking etc then you will encompass that in your own health. But if you alter your actions and beliefs then you can change that or maybe at the very least mitigate it. With some of the inherited characteristics say breast cancer only 5% of this cancer is through an inherited cause that means the other 95 people out of 100 had non-inherited factors. And although the gene may make you more disposed to an illness it doesn’t guarantee you will be affected and modification of lifestyle factors that also contribute to the expression of a dis-ease will still play a huge role. So start by looking at you lifestyle practices – most of the time people know what is detrimental without any outside help and acknowledge them, write them down and see what you can do to change them. Feel free to get in touch if you would like any help in pursuing this further.

Don’t forget to check out the Plant Fit Summit more info on link or under Thing’s I like – Events there is some great advice on ageing and I just listened to an excellent interview with Victoria Moran in vibrant at any age who definitely looks at least 20 years younger than her 69 years!

Be Healthful