Well November

Wow where did October go? I haven’t had much chance to write as life has been chaotic BUT super exciting!

A long held plan that was often talked about was setting up a healing centre with my friend Andraya well a few weeks ago she messaged to say she had found a venue and was I in! Abso fucking lutely – and we’ve not stopped since then! Ideas back and forth over flooring, paint scheme, pictures – unicorns definitely feature hahaha and we’d both like a ride on one but we may need to save some pennies for that first!

What has been the most incredible thing and the real indicator that we are aligned more than we even thought is that constantly we are messaging about something the other is about to message. We have both “seen” the same colour scheme in the rooms, the same choice of flooring – you name it. A true sign that when things are meant to be the Universe makes sure everything is aligned.

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The theme for this month as The Healthful Doctor is wellness and delaying and preventing age-related dis-ease – the cornerstone of many being cardiovascular disease get that sorted and many other disease processes will be given the heave ho.

I’m slowly developing my website to incorporate my Canine stuff with massage therapy and cani-cross training and cani-hiking see the Who Pawa Wins tab for more info.

More recipes to follow – my main issue why they are slow to post is that I never write measurements down! Years of cooking I simply write ingredients and so every single recipe needs to be made and measurements noted before I can post! hahah that will teach me.

As always let me know if there is anything you want me to cover

Happy Healthful Living

Helene x

The Emotion Code

I’ve had a lovely weekend at the World Energy Conference in Manchester – it was inaugural event and sister to the Animal Energy World Conference that I regularly attend. So many amazing speakers which I aim to put “pen to paper” about but the first one that I have really come to love is The Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson- which is a powerful and yet simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Dr Brad as he is known gave a wonderful demonstration on its use and also spoke about the more advance Body Code as well which he has developed.
Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Both the Emotion Code and Body Code use muscle testing to answer yes and no questions to get to the crux of the issue where emotions can be released and therefore healing begins.

It was lovely to catch up with Dr Brad again and his lovely wife Jean and fill them in on the results my dog Mazar has had following his first session in May 2018 at the Animal Energy World Conference. I was fortunate to have first hand experience of this amazing modality when Dr Brad used my doggy Maz as a demo. Don’t let the pic fool you it is for humans as well as animals. Dr Brad used his wife Jean as a surrogate for the testing as you can see she has her hand placed on my dogs body so is taking on board his energy.

Maz hates travelling in my car or campervan no doubt due to emotions concerning his being run over in Afghanistan and having to fend for himself damaged and broken for 2 years. See @mazardog on FB and IG for more info .
I can honestly say the difference afterwards was incredible there were no issues for several weeks and he really was a different dog travelling. I’ve had further session since to clear further blockages and once again absolutely blown away with the results despite my left brain conventional doctor side of me being hugely sceptical beforehand. Further sessions have been with certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner Deborah Sutton who I heartedly recommend https://deborahjanesutton.com
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Happy Health