Food Suppliers

Dogs are designed to eat fresh, natural, raw food. No nasty processed stuff or unnecessary filler ingredients. Say hello to our pretty awesome range of raw dog food, made using high welfare meats, packed in pretty nifty biodegradable packaging – in our DEFRA approved kitchen in North Yorkshire. Try our new range of raw cat food too!

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Organic raw dehydrated dog food – really convenient especially for those of us who travelling with pets but also for those – I forgot to get the food out of the freezer moments!

Certified by the German “BIO-SIEGEL” and “BIOKREIS E.V.”, which is our commitment to meeting exceptionally high ecostandard. Raw and whole ingredients are slowly air-dried under 30 °C, saving up to 4 times the storage than traditional pet food. Better for dogs, whose primordial diets contain only 4-6% of carbohydrates

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60% meat, 40% vegetables and absolutely none of the nasties.

Complete and gently cooked to pawfection. They create a personalised meal plan that is complete, healthy and sure to result in a happy dance.

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