The Future of Feeling – is a book about empathy in this social media age – I got it as a free Amazon First Reads so it probably would not have been one I would have picked up and that would have been a real shame.  

I really found it interesting, not least as I started reading it (by chance) a week after I got trolled by someone.  The book examines how people seem removed from viewing the other person as a real being due to the barrier that social media presents.  It also examined ways in which virtual reality can be used to create that empathy but how it can be a fine line and can also contribute to people disassociating from those feelings.  

I was particularly interested in studies and anecdotal evidence in its use with autistic children and the success in helping them cope better in everyday life.  

The book has an extensive bibliography so you can easily delve further into the various topics as you wish.  I think everyone should read this book as it really does make you step back and view the huge pitfalls of social media and why people (rational people a lot of the time) behave the way they do but you also get to learn about other ways technology can be used to humanise this increasingly virtual world so people don’t lose the empathy that we so need.  

Farrah Grey shares his story about growing up as a black kid from the Chicago projects and how he became a millionaire at the age of 15!  His family even slept in a car at one point – a real testament to the power of determination and passion and who credits the maternal role models in his family – him mum and grandmother as being the driving force behind his belief system that he could achieve anything he wanted to.  An inspirational read and one I could not put down – great guy worth following on Instagram too.