Do You Need To Cleanse Your Insides?

I recently watched a social media video by a young doctor who was slating cleansing and detoxing programmes and saying how you don’t need one and that the kidneys and liver do this for you.  Whilst she is correct it is only to a point.  No organ can work to its full potential if it is overwhelmed with the toxins we put in and around our bodies from alcohol, drugs (medicinal and…), skincare and cleaning products to processed food and intensively farmed produce and all the added ingredients that entails.   

In addition stress increases the cortisol coursing through our bodies helping to promote an inflammatory state that also does not aid getting your system back on track.  No time is more important than now with the pandemic and the increase in cases as well as a new variant, so supporting your immune system to work at its very best is vital.

Now you may benefit from cleansing your system if you are suffering with any of the following

  • You’ve not had the cleanest lifestyle
  • Rashes and skin infections
  • Feeling bloated
  • Irritation, unmotivated and sluggish
  • Feeling drained, tired and foggy headed
  • Bad breath
  • Irregular periods
  • Acne
  • If you’ve had a terrible diet for the last gazillion years!
  • Aches and pains
  • Frequent Headaches

In addition many people mistake nutritional deficiency symptoms for diseases and seek to remedy that disease with toxic drugs which eventually causes actual health problems!! 

To rule this out simply feed your cells more and eliminate the possibility that these symptoms are merely nutritional deficiency issues. 

How can we tell if we are getting enough nutrition?

  • Emotionally more stable
  • Greater ability to focus and remember things
  • Thicker, stronger, shinier hair
  • Moisturized skin
  • More energy
  • More mobility
  • Less aches & pain
  • More quality sleep
  • Stronger bones & teeth
  • Stronger immunity
  • Improved vision
  • Healthier organs that can filter & metabolize effective
  • Improved gut health
  • and more good stuff… 

How can I tell if I have nutritional deficiency?

Your body will give you signs that it is not receiving the right amount of nutrients.  When we take enough micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc.) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) our body will function as it should.   

I am a doctor with a passion about  prevention being better than cure and with a diploma in nutrition I feel it is vital to address the issues that cause us so many problems which is a pro-inflammatory diet and find solutions to get you back on track.

Now this is not a detox programme or weight-loss regime.   This is a lifestyle solution that will help you not just reach your well-being goals but take you beyond them too.

It is run by The Oil Medics who are a collective of wellness advocates with extensive experience in frontline medicine as well as holistic therapies- doctor, nurse, paramedic & nurse turned nutritional therapist

As health professionals  for many years, we have experienced  that health problems often resolve when people are mindful of what they eat and how they can support  their bodies through supplementation. 

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To learn more about why our nutrition is not as good even if you eat a wholesome organic diet 

Read my blog post Do We Need Supplements

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Bladder Issues in Dogs or What Options are There When Conventional Medicine Fails?

Bambi is my paraplegic boy and due to that is not able to empty his bladder  correctly so needs regular voiding. Dogs like this are at risk of kidney problems but also bladder issues resulting in difficulty elminating urine even with assistance – a few months ago I started having difficulty voiding Bambi which is done by suprapubic pressure – several urine tests prove negative but we tried antibiotics anyway and although there was a transient improvement that only lasted 2 to 3 days after and after two courses of antibiotics and an ultrasound scan we were still no better off.  

The scan revealed thickening in the bladder so we were a bit stumped what to do as antibiotics had not helped so I turned to my trusty essential oils Bambi  was already on On Guard, the protective blend but I added in DDR Prime (DDR Prime is a proprietary blend that supports healthy cellular integrity and protects the body systems and cells from oxidative stress ) and a topical blend over his kidney’s and bladder area  as well as Aromatouch in a massage also over his bladder area a few mins prior to voiding to assist in relaxing the muscles.  

Within days I was starting to see a real and sustained improvement and I was overjoyed to see his stream was once again capable of hitting his siblings on the paw.  

Now we are just on maintenance oils of On Guard & DDR Prime – this stuff works!

The oils I used are certified therapeutic grade and for internal use.

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Why I Ditched The Curly Girl Method OR How I Fixed My Hair!

So about a year ago I heard about the curly girl method – a way to enhance our natural curls and bring an end to the circle of straightening with GHDs and/or poor dry hair etc.

I was really excited about this although my very long hair to my waist was actually in very good condition.  I rarely dried it preferring to leave it to dry naturally although I did straighten it on occasion.  Anyway, I set about with gusto following FB groups and individuals checked the products I was using when a few months in my hair definitely did not look like the lovely pics on FB and IG I persevered asking and getting advice and adjusting what I was doing accordingly.

Me and my hair a few months after starting the curly girl method

My hair although getting curlier was becoming more and more tangled every day and didn’t feel soft and like it had before the CGM but dry and coarse.  I noticed more and more hair coming out in the shower and the hair washing days I was using more and more conditioner to detangle my extremely knotted hair.  By lockdown I was going to give up as a few friends had also had similar experiences to me and had already abandoned the method.  

Anyway, the need to wash my hair daily after shifts due to the rish prompted me to ask my neighbour -who with no hairdressing training did a pretty good job of cutting my hair off at my shoulders.  My long tresses were no more.  It was then that I was able to appreciate fully the extent of the damage my hair had undergone by trying this method to enhance my curls.  My hair was so much thinner and broken all over – I was truly shocked.  Also bizarrely, the shorter hair far from enhancing the curl as I thought it would allow it to spring up the curl more or less disappeared to be replaced by gentle waves.

So my new method became a quest to repair the CGM – a few months in I can now say my hair is improving – curls are springing up and it is feeling soft and looking more healthy – there is still some way to go but improving all the time.

doTerra shampoo and conditioner has been of great benefit in washing and conditioning my hair but hair repair needs to be approached from both the inside and out and the inside was covered with LLV a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and plant botanicals and omega oils it has ensured I am getting the nutrients to enhance my hair along with DDR Prime to enhance cellular repair.  For drying I make an anti-frizz balm with rosemary oil which has long been known for its hair- rejuvenating benefits.

It is always good to try things but you also need to know when to quit and now I return to my previous way of managing my hair and I quite like the shorter look.

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We Finally Visited The Isle Of Mull

So I have just got back from an amazing holiday holiday on the Isle of Mull – it was an 8 day trip for me and my 6 dogs and after stressing about the ferry crossing which was actually fine I could not believe I had put off such a trip for so long.  I am now forging ahead with other trips I have wanted to do and put off and the saying “action cures fear ” is so very true.

Ready for the off!

The key was research and prep – which definitely takes a lot of anxiety out of something new – I have never driven on a ferry and obviously not taken my dogs on there either- plus the trip was our  longest one to date.  But with detailed organisation I was ready and extremely excited.

I knew one of my dogs would struggle being in the van, so I got him a passenger pass and once onboard up the very steep steps we went out on deck and I applied Balance blend to in between his paw pads and back of his neck and by the time we were away from the port he was chilled on the floor.

After Balance blend

The trip was a real testament to the many uses of oils as I used them for relaxing my dogs for the ferry crossing and also for my dog with hip dysplasia who with his diminutive springer sister Evie ensured we had a solid 2nd place both Saturday and Sunday in his first canicross event back since the diagnosis.

With Scottish hills – I am not used to in Manchester – and rain – which I am definitely used to in Manchester it was a muddy and wet course – technically challenging with some steep drops as well not good for my fear of heights a definite mix of fun and fear and springertastic for the dogs. 

The end of Saturday I was aching but a warm shower and liberal application of deep blue oil on every aching muscle meant when I woke the next day I was ready for action and we retained our second place and had an excellent run.  

The oils have also been used extensively for Rowan utilising the Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which is chock full of anti-oxidants to help combat inflammation and boy it must have worked as I was back to my normal screaming of “steady” on the downhill sections and I can neither confirm nor deny the use of expletives when I was scared!

Rowan with 2 of my 3 disabled dogs – Maz the 2 legged wonder from Afghanistan and Bambi my little Romanian paraplegic warrior

Rowan (who got diagnosed with hip dysplasia in May) was running absolutely beautifully – all thanks to Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which was the only thing I added in when he got the diagnosis – he was already on frankincense and copaiba for pain relief and having regular massage, strength and conditioning exercises and red light therapy and although he was doing brilliant he just was not ready to return to running and no one was sure what was wrong.  When we could finally get xrays following lockdown and the diagnosis was discovered enter the deep blue polyphenol complex and the changes were awesome – I knew he was doing well but this weeked really was the proof in the pudding.

Deep blue is suitable for dogs over about 18kg 1 per day.

The supplement chock full of anti-oxidants which helps to reduce inflammation you can read more about it here >>>>> Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

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Why I love Essential Oils For My Skin

Skincare is how I started using essential oils.  I had this hyperpigmentation and was aware that it was unlikely to go without some form of dermabrasion an expensive somewhat harsh therapy I wasn’t bothered enough to do, but still thought it would be nice without the dark patches on my skin.  So I though I would investigate some other ways to see if I could eradicate it.

Essential oils came up first in my searching and first of all lemon which I used in a skin toner, I also made a serum using frankincense, myrrh and lavender for use at night.  This combination really saved me a huge amount of money – I had always used good quality, high end products from a natural based company but it had had no effect on the pigmentation and to be honest my acne was flaring as well – but my DIY products really started improving my skin.   These homemade items cost a fraction of what I had been spending on my skin and were making significantly more difference to it.

From here I started experimenting more and more and went from serums to moisturisers and lip balms and even soap.  It was not long before every skincare product in my home became a DIY product.  Not only was I saving money, huge amounts of money in fact I was reaping the rewards as my hyper-pigmentaiton was disappearing, acne way gone as well, I really could not believe it.

I was using more and more oils and finding the results amazing.

In March I had a free gift with my monthly doTerra order (doTerra do this every month it is a great benefit to being a member) of Salubelle and although I was happy with my skin I thought I would give this blend a go.  It is a mix of frankincense, helichrysum and other wonderful oils as a blend designed for its beautifying effects.

For 2 weeks I used it but to be honest I thought it was crap – my skin felt dry and not like its normal feeling when I used my DIY serum.  Then I looked in my downstairs mirror – you know the mirror that that you use for applying your makeup the one with the best lighting that holds no bars, the one you don’t want to look in when tired but there I was looking at my skin and very much aware that fine lines had gone and wrinkles lessened.   I literally could not believe it, even the residual hyper-pigmentation was less.  I realised the dryness I was experiencing was exfoliation – prior to that I did exfoliate every night but that had not made the difference I experienced with Salubelle.  On reading some of the reviews I diluted the products down with fractionated coconut oil to 50% so being more cost-effective but with no perceived difference in efficacy.  

Recently, I have done a number of videos and so many people have commented on how great my skin looks – well this is why!

Not only that but I have not suffered  the effects of wearing a mask with spots all around the mask line like so many regular mask wearers are.  I credit salubelle with this too.

So many natural alternatives that prove time and time again to be more effective than lab produced items.

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How to Feel Better in 30 Days

Giving your body a spring clean is a great way to  rebalance your body after illness or stressful events, assist in weight loss, get you back on track after a blow out and even help with skin and sleep and so much more.

Our health is a function of what we put into our bodies whether that is from eating, breathing or applying products to our skin.  Whilst we often look at what we eat and the importance of regular exercise and sleep we often forget out the effect of toxins on our bodies.  A toxin is any substance that places undue stress on the body, how they accumulate within your body and the burden they place on vital organs is referred to as toxic load.  Minimising this toxic load can influence your health as much as any other controllable factor.  We are exposed to countless toxins on a daily basis with everything we do and from many sources we may not be aware of – from the air we breath, the food we eat, any chemical (natural or synthetic) that we come into contact with while cleaning our home or ourselves exposes us to substances that can negatively affect our health.  Lungs, digestive system and skin are the most vulnerable pathways.

So first thing is to reduce the toxic load and our body has a number of defensive mechanisms which are destined to protect our vital body systems. 

So lets with the mucus membranes that line our nose (and the hair there too which is why nasal waxing is not a good idea), mouth and throat and help trap foreign particles.  As we progress down our digestive tract there are trillions of micro-organisms “probiotics” that maintain digestive efficiency and support our immune system and enable it to respond to toxic threats.  Finally, the liver and the kidneys work to identify and eliminate toxic substances from our blood. 

When our body is functioning properly it is a very efficient toxic load minimiser and the key to keeping these vital mechanisms maintained is three-fold.

 Minimising exposure

Supporting vital organs

Protective processes through healthy diet and regular detoxification

A 30 day detox is a great way to address your detoxification needs and support the vital organs that work to keep you healthy.  

Before I got interested in essential oils I made up my own regime but now I can recommend the Cleanse and Restore 30 Day plan as it is so much easier for clients to manage and addresses even more than I ever did.

I have always had a “thing” where I only recommend stuff I have tried and loved or in some cases read a load of evidence to support recommendation.  In the case of the 30 day I have done both and really feel the benefit of the detox and in all honesty it is so much easier than loads of blending  and juicing I would do for a normal detox programme!

The foundation of doTERRA’s detoxification program is the Cleanse & Restore Kit, a combination of several innovative products and an easy to follow 30-day regimen designed specifically to help you naturally minimize toxic load.*

30-Day Renewing and Cleanse Plan

Days 1-30

Support Healthy Digestion and Metabolism*

  *   DigestZen TerraZyme®: 1-3 capsules with meals daily


  *   Lemon Essential Oil: 1-3 drops in water 3-5 times daily

  *   Zendocrine® Detoxification Complex: 1 capsule 2-3 times daily

Days 1-10

Support Filtering Organs*

  *   Zendocrine® Softgels: 1 softgel 2-3 times daily

Days 11-20

Cleanse Intestinal Tract*

  *   GX Assist®: 1-3 softgels a day with meals

Days 21-30

Support Healthy Digestive Function and Immunity*

  *   PB Assist®+: 1-3 capsules a day with meals

Support Cellular Health*

  *   DDR Prime® Softgels: take 2 softgels daily with meal

Get in touch if you would like to know more and get set up on this.  The 30 days does not just end there you get continued support in my private members group and an onwards plan to continue to optimise your cellular health.  

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How to Have Good Mobility and Pain-Free Living Throughout Your Life.

So one of the things I see as a doctor and coach is chronic pain and poor mobility as a result and far from it being just the way it is there is actually a lot that can be improved.

This post is one of a series but for today lets talk about nutrition.

I fully believe that a wholefood plant- based (WFPB) diet is the way ahead here and the only way.  Meat and animal products are highly inflammatory and the root cause of all pain is inflammation therefore it is not hard to see why this might cause problems.  WFPB is widely acknowledged to be anti-inflammatory due to the high level of antioxidants it supplies to the body – these can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals which are unstable waste molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures including that caused by our diet.

Please see the here for the Plant- Based Health Professionals Guide to Healthy eating – whilst this may not be what you want to do completely – incorporating what aspects you can will only aid your health and skeletal system.

Good nutrition is essential and the Lifelong Vitality (LLV) supplement pack is definitely worth getting for  the abundance of multi-vitamin and minerals, essential fatty acids and the high levels of phytonutrients containing those amazing anti-oxidants – see separate info for full details on why adding in supplements is essential.

Protein especially soya is highly beneficial (2 portions a day – 1 can be soya milk with the other tofu), cows milk does not confer benefit but that is a whole other subject I will examine another day.

Omega 3 and 6 are the bone promoting fatty acids – due to concerns about fish stocks and also pollution personally I would advise using a vegan source such as that from flax-seed and algae – there is no agreed value on what level or omega 3 is beneficial for the body in general but 1000mg is widely used – just over that in LLV.

Prevent calcium loss by avoiding alcohol, fizzy drinks, antacids, stress, cortisol secretion, salt and sugar

To maintain bone health – weight-bearing exercise is essential – walking is not enough on its own while it does prevent loss of bone stock it does not improve density but if you add in a weighted vest or leg weights or backpack it will fit the bill, as well running, skipping, dancing are all good forms to do this.

Risk of osteoporosis increases due to micronutrient shortage of vitamin D which is also sequestered in fat and those who are overweight.

Protein needs – adults 0.83gm/kg, in the over 60s 1gm/kg for strength athletes 1.3-1.9gm/kg and for endurance vegan athletes 1.3-1.5gm/kg

Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of fracture with higher rates of animal protein ingestion but more study is needed.  We do know that plant-protein is more alkaline and therefore more bone promoting.

Other essential micronutrients are vitamin B12 – 167% of RDA in LLV also vitamin C and vitamin K again at recommended levels.  Minerals such as magnesium, boran and potassium are all vital for healthy bones and present abundantly in a variety of green veg as well as the supplements.

What about calcium supplementation? Well this is a tricky area as  actually too much can cause more trouble that it is worth with higher risks of cardiovascular disease and that of strokes and the evidence is unclear of how much is actually beneficial  – most multi-vitamin supplements don’t include it the LLV does at a level of 50% of the RDA.  Top up with low oxalate green veg to improve absorption such as broccoli, bok choy, kale, napa, cabbage, watercress, mustard and turnip greens – these all absorb at a rate of 40-60% whereas my beloved spinach has a low absorption of only 5%

To be continued

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How is your mental health?

I think lockdown for many has been challenging and it has certainly highlighted positives and negatives for many – we are now seeing an influx of mental illness through the A&E doors – some highlighted because of lockdown and some due to people putting off concerns due to not wanting to burden A&E – speaking as an A&E doctor – we never mind seeing you. Don’t ever be afraid to turn up and just ask for help – do it before it becomes worse.

That said I still find it frustrating how little we can often do for those with mental health challenges – in a crisis we are great but it is when people are just bobbing along that it becomes difficult to help. So to say I was excited about this duo arriving in the UK is no understatement – it has been available in the USA for sometime and when I say they are gamechangers for mental health support – I mean it. I have been using it for one of my dogs for some months (courtesy of my wonderful cousin in San Francisco sending it to me – a costly enterprise for me last package cost £130 thanks UPS but that is how much I valued it) – anyway I have also been getting the benefit of it and wow!

Stress is a universal experience. Being adaptable to life’s challenges and difficult situations is key to overall well-being. Staying balanced in body and mind with the Adaptiv® System is possible. Adaptiv Calming Blend is the answer during life’s most demanding moments. Diffuse or roll on to promote feelings of calm confidence. This blend is rich in sequesterpenes and monoterpenes – molecules small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and get to the limbic system – where we process emotions – this helps to create a sense of balance and adaptability to every situation.

The Adaptiv system was created by the largest group of scientists that doTerra had ever put together and in their own clinical trial comparing maths problems carried out by participants from ages 12 and up in two rooms one diffused with Adaptiv the other with another oil – it showed that Adaptiv helped participants cope with psychological stresses as they increased in severity.

Get in touch if you would like to know how this amazing blend could support you. For people who decide to join as members I offer a free 1 to 1 consultation with a 90 day regime for you that looks at how to use the oils but also the importance of nutrition and exercise. I signpost you to different apps and services that will help your specific need plus with access to my private members group you can be sure of continued support.

Do we need supplements?

So if you had asked me this 6 months ago I would have firmly said NO if you have a good balanced diet.  I ate a great diet, I was very nutritionally aware and incorporated daily the necessary food sources to accomplish that.  And as a vegan I didn’t take any vitamin B12 supplements either, prefering to source my requirements from nutritional yeast and yeast extract and my bloods were all easily in the right range and my vitamin B12 had actually increased since adopting my daily yeast consumption.  

So what changed? February I didn’t feel 100% – winter is never great for me and my Greek heritage, I need sunshine, anyway I noticed that a few people who had started on the supplements I sold without any recommendation from me I should add commented how much better they felt.  So I thought what the hell let’s give them a go!  With a 30 day money back guarantee I couldn’t exactly go wrong.  

Within 2 days I felt more energised and well, it was remarkable, now not everyone gets such an obvious response sometimes they don’t notice til they stop them thinking they are doing nothing and then wham they realise that they did and start back on them!  So I was pretty hooked but the medical side of me said did they actually match up?

I then, coincidentally, started my diploma in nutrition and so I went through the supplements I sell with a fine tooth comb and found that yes they in fact do!  

So why if I had this amazing diet did I benefit and don’t think it is because my vegan was not healthy -the science is there to prove that it is and I could wax lyrical about it but let’s stick to the case in point, so what I found from doing my nutrition diploma was that how our soil fertility has decreased massively and estimates are that within about 40 to 50 years the soil fertility will be completely eroded.   

Why is this? Well modern farming methods employ the use of tillage that is where you see those heavy ploughs going around and turning over the soil – what they actually do is only turn over the top 18 inches of soil and actually compact the area underneath.  This means that the biodiversity that we need in the soil to provide fertility is massively reduced because there’s only 18inches now because the underneath of it is compacted like concrete from the impact.  This also means that for this area of soil the rainwater can’t be absorbed in the field and is one of the contributing factors to the reason we have got so many flooded areas when we have periods of intense rain because the soil can’t drain away as the water is effectively lying on something akin to concrete.  This floodwater also washes away the nutrients in the soil.  It’s been proven that this intensive farming method actually yield less produce due to the reduced nutrients in the soil and reduced nutrients means less going into the fruit and vegetables that we actually eat. 

So what can we do?   Well, switch to organic produce yes but not all organic farmers employ no tillage methods and definitely look towards smaller farmers as well that will help the environment and your health.  Interestingly the no tillage methods are popular in the USA but the UK still slow to embrace the change.

What are these methods?

1. Continuous no or minimum mechanical soil disruption

2. Permanent mulch on soil surface to protect and feed soil life

3. Diversification of species – through rotational, sequences or associations

So what this means is that even with the best will in the world and adherence to good quality produce it is very likely we will still be lacking in essential nutrients plus our bodies are subjected to more toxins in the environment than ever before from the pollutants in daily life meaning that we need extra support than we can currently always get.  It would be great if we could all live somewhere by the sea or in the countryside breathing beautiful fresh air and eating from our gardens but that sadly isn’t  always possible and although, I grow a lot of my own stuff I live in a city centre subject to the air pollution plus the soil is poor quality from old building rubble.  And even if we are not lacking in nutrients (I wasn’t) stress and other factors that can affect our well-being all require a bit of a boost at times.

So supplements are worth having but not all supplements are created equally and for further investigation I decided to look at all the supplements that were for sale in a well known chain store and compare them.   So regulations state that as long as you have a certain level of ingredient in the supplement you can put that on the label and that doesn’t have to be the recommended daily allowance level.   Therefore, all multi-vitamin & mineral supplements are not created equal. I was quite shocked with the results.  

So let’s use Vit D3 as an example the recommended daily allowance is 600 international units daily for men and women rising to 800 international units for the over 70s the vast majority of these supplements had 400 IU or even less and I found one product only had 100 IUs in them.  

Yes I sell supplements and so I have a vested interest in promoting them but this is what I have come to learn after a lot of research, and a bit of eating of humble pie as I was totally and utterly against them.  

Get in touch if you would like to know more about the lifelong vitality pack and a 30 day money-back guarantee and feel free to do your own research and let me know your thoughts.

Introduction to Essential Oils & Natural Health

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