Scotland Campsites

North Ledaig Site Oban 

This is a Caravan and Motorhome club affiliated site and a perfect stop off prior to getting the ferry to the Isle of Mull.

It has good pitches with hard standing and some great views.  There is a tarmacked dog walk that is the old railway line that runs down from the site and end in a road, there are a load of bushes that run either side and some good sniffing opportunities for Maz, Bambi and Inka but i did not not let the springers off the lead as it is open on to the pitches with only the briefest hint of shrubbery separating it and I am quite sure my dogs would not appreciate the distinction.  As many others would not, reinforced by the fact that on arrival I was met with a dog poo on the pitch!

The beach runs the other side of the pitches and although similar issues abound with lack of fencing once you go beyond the perimeter of the park there is ample space for your dog to run around.  The soft sand/shingle was not amenable to a pushchair or dog on wheels and there was not enough of a grassy bank to facilitate them either but just off the slipway proved to be some enjoyable sniffing opportunities that my wheeled dog enjoyed.  Didn’t try the facilities and the bins were a long way away at the front of the site not at the service points.

Overall I liked the site and would stay there again 


Pennygown Holiday Park – Isle of Mull

This was an awesome dog friendly campsite on The Isle of Mull
@pennygown_holiday_park was my choice for staying on the Isle of Mull as I wanted to be by the sea and I was not disappointed. There is no charge for dogs and no wonder the owner did not balk at my having 6 dogs as she has 7 including several Romanian rescues. The owner was extremely helpful in sorting a pitch that had a grassy area which would be more suited for Maz & Bambi as well as being by the dog walk.

The dog walk is via a path at the side of a livestock field (sheep & cows although sheep were only there a couple of days). It appears well fenced but I am never convinced with springers and their inquisitive nature so I kept mine on lead until down on the beach. I spied one possible gap under the fence that was a danger zone but with beach and rocks to investigate it was not somewhere my dogs got close to.

The walk down to the shore is wheels friendly although as in Oban there was a fine sand/shingle that was not amenable for wheels but there was a flat grassy patch that was firm and there was a grass verge that I managed to negotiate part way with the stroller. Bambi found it difficult with his wheels but a bigger wheeled dog would probably be ok. That said there were great paths around the site for me to walk the wheeled dogs and some more grassy areas for blind Inka to sniff if she didn’t want to head down to the shore. The sound of sheep and cows gave plenty of audible enrichment to the guys and Inka sent quite some time mesmerized on the campervan steps soaking up the sounds.

The facilities are well-maintained with warm showers – albeit the push type ones so loved by campsites. Stunning scenery to wake up to and sit and enjoy the peace – mountains to the west of me and the sea to the east.

The shore walk is of varied length and the springers absolutely loved it, with grasses to sniff and rocks to climb over it was a truly awesome stay and we can’t wait to return.


Strathclyde Country Park Caravan and Motohome Clubsite

On the return from our holiday on the Isle of Mull we arrived at the Strathclyde Country Park Club site @candmclub  and after visiting Mull the roar of the traffic from the motorway running alongside was a real come down after the peace and quiet we had grown used to.  

Strathclyde Country Park Clubsite

There were all the good facilities you expect on a caravan club site and thank goodness for no push button in the showers 🙂 we found a pitch next to the dog walk which runs next to the motorway and the storage facility it was long and narrow and although an on lead walk it provided ample opportunities for the dogs to sniff with logs, trees and bushes to engage them.

 Just next to the site and less than a 5-minute walk is Strathclyde Country Park with a route around the lock of 3.7 miles of tarmac and grass, the site is located on the northeast side of the loch at the campsite, there is a road heading from and to the hotel so keep your dog’s close to you if off lead as you leave the campsite there is a large field but as you approach the park  before you get there there is a lorry park and motorhome parking so be aware if your dogs off the lead there too.

 The park itself is ideal for all the dogs, my dogs on wheels enjoyed the tarmac path and not getting that bogged down in the mud which the springers definitely enjoyed as they did the cani-cross around the loch the next day.

Maz enjoying a mud free walk

The campsite itself has the white noise of the traffic which would normally would not bother me as I live in a city but after the quietness of Mull it was a real shock and I personally did not sleep well, would I say that again possibly on route to elsewhere as a stop off.  Great friendly staff and well kept site as I have come to expect after being a member for 5 years.


Inka enjoying the Loch