General reading

This is a wonderful true story based on the author’s memory of her escape from Afghanistan over the mountains into Pakistan when she was a child in the 80s and the family needed to escapse the new oppressive regime. I was one of the books that was free once a month because I am an Amazon Prime Member and to be honest I picked it as it appealed to me the most out of the other 5 choices which did not resonate with me. I do have an interest in Afganistan having been involved with a charity there for a few years and having rescued a dog from there. But I knew nothing about this era of the country’s history and was blown away with what I read, it was a real page turner reading about a dramatic and physical escape but also about the culture and cultural changes the author experienced. The book was read quickly and I have since bought it for my mum who also really enjoyed it. I don’t usually read biographies so this was a change for me but one that was a great choice and an inspirational read.

A book to really make you think about what is really important.

I absolutely loved this book – I didn’t know what it was about at all when I picked it up and a few chapters in it was like wham it just had me gripped. I fully feel it will be the most thought provoking book I read all year. It is about life and death and those left behind after someone dies, its about choices made in an instant and how the lines between good and bad become blurry.

A family trip to the mountains becomes a fight for survival when their vehicle skids in ice and plummets down a ravine – this book had me crying, thinking but ultimately enjoying as I turned its pages and read it every spare minute I could.

I was quite shocked to find it was based on an experience the author had as a child and she recounts that at the end.

This is the first in a series of books that just keeps coming – I’ve just read book no 16 in the series and they are eagerly awaited. The book is about a murder detective in Northumberland and a core group of people he works with. The subsequent books are rather like meeting up with old friends and having a coffee and chat. Gripping stories set in a beautiful part of the world that have triggered me to visit like many others have on our little DCI Ryan Pilgrimage. Easy to read and the perfect antidote to daily stress.

I’d not read this book before but obviously knew the story – its a real trip around the world and for me having travelled to many of the places I found it enthralling hearing about them from an historical perspective with an entertaining story that takes you along with it. Definitely recommended and it surprised me as I had anticipated a classic as it being hard to read but not at all .