Why I had the Covid-19 Vaccine

Last week I had the Covid-19 vaccine – and surprisingly or maybe not several people were shocked and asked me why if I was so passionate about natural health did I choose to have the vaccine.  So let me answer…..

I have worked on the frontline since this all started, I have been shocked at the amount of conspiracy theorists I appear to know and shocking fake information that has been doing the rounds of social media.

Make no mistake this virus is very real.  Now while there may be a good survival rate that does not take into account the weeks/months many spend in hospital nor the long covid symptoms many who initially suffered mildly are now experiencing.  See my previous blog for more info.

I have been diligent about applying the immune boosting, sleep inducing and stress reducing essential oils I use and taking the lifelong vitality supplements that help keep my system optimised and I have remained well and I firmly believe that they are the reason…. But I am not taking any chance now there is a vaccine available and I will not expose my patients nor my elderly parents (who I hope I can visit soon) to risk either.

I am integrative and to that end I believe in utilising the very best that nature and modern medicine has to offer and one does not need to be at the expense of another but instead has the ability to co-exist.  We have an opportunity to get this virus under control and I hope to get to something much better than normal with more respect for all living beings  – animal and plant and respect the amazing world we live in instead of destroying it.  

To learn more about what I use to support my health – see my video on Immune Support and get in touch with any questions – above all stay safe, follow the guidance please.

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