Some Healthful Tips For Christmas Cheer

Christmas Tips For Lockdown

While this may not be the christmas everyone would like here are some ways you can make it better than you think, we have the blessing of great communication tools so now more than ever make them count.

Please follow government guidance to keep this Christmas safe and well – many people especially the emergency services who are working on Christmas day will not have a chance to even form a mini Christmas bubble.

Use group video calls will make a kind of virtual party

Plan your call to have company for your meal

Choose some entertainment – many traditional group games will still be fun online





Choose a film to watch together

If alone enjoy some good food and entertainment

Focus on the positives of the situation will help lift your mood and keep it elevated and reach out and pick up the phone – people often are not aware others are struggling.

If you are struggling with low mood – The Tapping Solution is a great App , trying to focus on 5 blessings can help to lift you up as well as seeking out funny uplifting entertainment.  If things are too much there are many charities who offer help via phone lines and webchat and A&E mental health services operate 24 hours a day please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Reach out to people alone – inviting them to your virtual party or just send them a message.

Please check on neighbours who are alone not just the elderly or vulnerable – many people have no support bubble and this will be an extra lonely time.

We can and will get through this, but the most important thing is to stay safe and well.

For more guidance

Lots of exciting things coming up in the New Year see Facebook events for up to date info

Wishing you all the best for a lovely Christmas

Stay safe, well and healthy

Blessings to you all



Get in touch with any questions

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