Bladder Issues in Dogs or What Options are There When Conventional Medicine Fails?

Bambi is my paraplegic boy and due to that is not able to empty his bladder  correctly so needs regular voiding. Dogs like this are at risk of kidney problems but also bladder issues resulting in difficulty elminating urine even with assistance – a few months ago I started having difficulty voiding Bambi which is done by suprapubic pressure – several urine tests prove negative but we tried antibiotics anyway and although there was a transient improvement that only lasted 2 to 3 days after and after two courses of antibiotics and an ultrasound scan we were still no better off.  

The scan revealed thickening in the bladder so we were a bit stumped what to do as antibiotics had not helped so I turned to my trusty essential oils Bambi  was already on On Guard, the protective blend but I added in DDR Prime (DDR Prime is a proprietary blend that supports healthy cellular integrity and protects the body systems and cells from oxidative stress ) and a topical blend over his kidney’s and bladder area  as well as Aromatouch in a massage also over his bladder area a few mins prior to voiding to assist in relaxing the muscles.  

Within days I was starting to see a real and sustained improvement and I was overjoyed to see his stream was once again capable of hitting his siblings on the paw.  

Now we are just on maintenance oils of On Guard & DDR Prime – this stuff works!

The oils I used are certified therapeutic grade and for internal use.

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