Why I Ditched The Curly Girl Method OR How I Fixed My Hair!

So about a year ago I heard about the curly girl method – a way to enhance our natural curls and bring an end to the circle of straightening with GHDs and/or poor dry hair etc.

I was really excited about this although my very long hair to my waist was actually in very good condition.  I rarely dried it preferring to leave it to dry naturally although I did straighten it on occasion.  Anyway, I set about with gusto following FB groups and individuals checked the products I was using when a few months in my hair definitely did not look like the lovely pics on FB and IG I persevered asking and getting advice and adjusting what I was doing accordingly.

Me and my hair a few months after starting the curly girl method

My hair although getting curlier was becoming more and more tangled every day and didn’t feel soft and like it had before the CGM but dry and coarse.  I noticed more and more hair coming out in the shower and the hair washing days I was using more and more conditioner to detangle my extremely knotted hair.  By lockdown I was going to give up as a few friends had also had similar experiences to me and had already abandoned the method.  

Anyway, the need to wash my hair daily after shifts due to the rish prompted me to ask my neighbour -who with no hairdressing training did a pretty good job of cutting my hair off at my shoulders.  My long tresses were no more.  It was then that I was able to appreciate fully the extent of the damage my hair had undergone by trying this method to enhance my curls.  My hair was so much thinner and broken all over – I was truly shocked.  Also bizarrely, the shorter hair far from enhancing the curl as I thought it would allow it to spring up the curl more or less disappeared to be replaced by gentle waves.

So my new method became a quest to repair the CGM – a few months in I can now say my hair is improving – curls are springing up and it is feeling soft and looking more healthy – there is still some way to go but improving all the time.

doTerra shampoo and conditioner has been of great benefit in washing and conditioning my hair but hair repair needs to be approached from both the inside and out and the inside was covered with LLV a potent mix of vitamins, minerals and plant botanicals and omega oils it has ensured I am getting the nutrients to enhance my hair along with DDR Prime to enhance cellular repair.  For drying I make an anti-frizz balm with rosemary oil which has long been known for its hair- rejuvenating benefits.

It is always good to try things but you also need to know when to quit and now I return to my previous way of managing my hair and I quite like the shorter look.

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