We Finally Visited The Isle Of Mull

So I have just got back from an amazing holiday holiday on the Isle of Mull – it was an 8 day trip for me and my 6 dogs and after stressing about the ferry crossing which was actually fine I could not believe I had put off such a trip for so long.  I am now forging ahead with other trips I have wanted to do and put off and the saying “action cures fear ” is so very true.

Ready for the off!

The key was research and prep – which definitely takes a lot of anxiety out of something new – I have never driven on a ferry and obviously not taken my dogs on there either- plus the trip was our  longest one to date.  But with detailed organisation I was ready and extremely excited.

I knew one of my dogs would struggle being in the van, so I got him a passenger pass and once onboard up the very steep steps we went out on deck and I applied Balance blend to in between his paw pads and back of his neck and by the time we were away from the port he was chilled on the floor.

After Balance blend

The trip was a real testament to the many uses of oils as I used them for relaxing my dogs for the ferry crossing and also for my dog with hip dysplasia who with his diminutive springer sister Evie ensured we had a solid 2nd place both Saturday and Sunday in his first canicross event back since the diagnosis.

With Scottish hills – I am not used to in Manchester – and rain – which I am definitely used to in Manchester it was a muddy and wet course – technically challenging with some steep drops as well not good for my fear of heights a definite mix of fun and fear and springertastic for the dogs. 

The end of Saturday I was aching but a warm shower and liberal application of deep blue oil on every aching muscle meant when I woke the next day I was ready for action and we retained our second place and had an excellent run.  

The oils have also been used extensively for Rowan utilising the Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which is chock full of anti-oxidants to help combat inflammation and boy it must have worked as I was back to my normal screaming of “steady” on the downhill sections and I can neither confirm nor deny the use of expletives when I was scared!

Rowan with 2 of my 3 disabled dogs – Maz the 2 legged wonder from Afghanistan and Bambi my little Romanian paraplegic warrior

Rowan (who got diagnosed with hip dysplasia in May) was running absolutely beautifully – all thanks to Deep Blue Polyphenol complex which was the only thing I added in when he got the diagnosis – he was already on frankincense and copaiba for pain relief and having regular massage, strength and conditioning exercises and red light therapy and although he was doing brilliant he just was not ready to return to running and no one was sure what was wrong.  When we could finally get xrays following lockdown and the diagnosis was discovered enter the deep blue polyphenol complex and the changes were awesome – I knew he was doing well but this weeked really was the proof in the pudding.

Deep blue is suitable for dogs over about 18kg 1 per day.

The supplement chock full of anti-oxidants which helps to reduce inflammation you can read more about it here >>>>> Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex

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