How is your mental health?

I think lockdown for many has been challenging and it has certainly highlighted positives and negatives for many – we are now seeing an influx of mental illness through the A&E doors – some highlighted because of lockdown and some due to people putting off concerns due to not wanting to burden A&E – speaking as an A&E doctor – we never mind seeing you. Don’t ever be afraid to turn up and just ask for help – do it before it becomes worse.

That said I still find it frustrating how little we can often do for those with mental health challenges – in a crisis we are great but it is when people are just bobbing along that it becomes difficult to help. So to say I was excited about this duo arriving in the UK is no understatement – it has been available in the USA for sometime and when I say they are gamechangers for mental health support – I mean it. I have been using it for one of my dogs for some months (courtesy of my wonderful cousin in San Francisco sending it to me – a costly enterprise for me last package cost £130 thanks UPS but that is how much I valued it) – anyway I have also been getting the benefit of it and wow!

Stress is a universal experience. Being adaptable to life’s challenges and difficult situations is key to overall well-being. Staying balanced in body and mind with the Adaptiv® System is possible. Adaptiv Calming Blend is the answer during life’s most demanding moments. Diffuse or roll on to promote feelings of calm confidence. This blend is rich in sequesterpenes and monoterpenes – molecules small enough to cross the blood brain barrier and get to the limbic system – where we process emotions – this helps to create a sense of balance and adaptability to every situation.

The Adaptiv system was created by the largest group of scientists that doTerra had ever put together and in their own clinical trial comparing maths problems carried out by participants from ages 12 and up in two rooms one diffused with Adaptiv the other with another oil – it showed that Adaptiv helped participants cope with psychological stresses as they increased in severity.

Get in touch if you would like to know how this amazing blend could support you. For people who decide to join as members I offer a free 1 to 1 consultation with a 90 day regime for you that looks at how to use the oils but also the importance of nutrition and exercise. I signpost you to different apps and services that will help your specific need plus with access to my private members group you can be sure of continued support.

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