“Perception is a wish fulfilled”

“Perception is a wish fulfilled. Perception changes, made to take the place of changeless knowledge.  Yet is truth unchanged.”  A Course in Miracles  T-26. VII.3

I read this quote one morning in my daily reading of the spiritual text A Course in Miracles and it really got me thinking a lot about how this crazy time is perceived – how are you finding it?

I feel it is very important to focus on the positive aspects and there is actually many – for me I am quite enjoying myself – yes I am going to work as an ED doctor and dealing with all that entails.  But I am completely loving all the opportunities that this lockdown is presenting in the virtual world.

I am checking out a variety of yoga classes – which I would never be able to normally as they either are in the wrong location for me or the wrong time for my shifts.

I’m attending conferences and retreats I would not be able to normally as it is difficult to find people who are available to look after my doggies and with the special needs ones there is only a couple of people I trust with them.

It is also highlighting friendships as well – those you think are good friends haven’t actually been in touch for the entirety of lockdown but new friends have been formed with people you previously only had a light acquaintance with.  This is a common occurrence with many people I’ve spoken to and social groups will be altered after this for good but having a good tribe and people who care is actually vital for health and longevity so this changing dynamic is actually not a bad thing.

I’m seeing people develop new skills or hone others and turn hobbies into new businesses that they’ve previously only thought about.  People furloughed are working on the land – and helping literally feed the nation and taking opportunities to make this a rewarding experience and empowering themselves to go beyond their limits, face their fear and create something else.  

I’ve started doing more online workshops and embracing zoom and I’ve also been asked to do some online ones for other groups, organisations and businesses that I support and am passionate about supporting.

I also see the planet starting to recover – fish are now in the canals in Venice and air is clear in China, people are more mindful of their environment and those lives that live in it both human and animal.

Blown away by the gratitude shown to myself and colleagues for just doing our jobs.  

It is in many ways a whole new world with many aspects of it wonderful and with great opportunities for lives to be turned around.  Friends feel life is less stressful not having the commute to work and working from home, and enjoying the experience of having more time to actually sit back and smell the roses.  All those things that were on the list to be done are now being done, gardens being dug and vegetable and fruit seeds and plants sown. 

Don’t get me wrong I fully know there are many people and businesses that are not having a good time – jobs lost,income/takings down but there is a community spirit and a chance to take opportunities elsewhere.  

Whether this will all extend beyond lockdown I don’t know but we can but hope the planet gets to reap the benefit.  

For me and for many one of the many long lasting images of this pandemic will be the overwhelming amazement of what Captain Moore achieved with his 100 laps of his garden – he is a beacon of what is possible – and how if you put your mind to anything you can achieve great things.

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