March For Fitness

I’ve had a bit of a blogging delay – but I’ve been doing lots behind the scenes! Not least in the middle of my Plant Based Health Professionals Nutrition Diploma which I am loving. I’ve also been creating workshops – although now online ones due to the COVID-19 situation. See events tab for information.

Anyway here we are in March and March’s theme is all about being active and getting fit.  We are not meant to be sedentary beings, in the last century ill health and obesity have dramatically increased as technology has grown. Lives are lived in buildings and vehicles with the air being breathed via air-conditioning and no exposure to nature and the probiotics present out in the soil and trees etc. If you are not used to exercise or have been ill and immobile then it can seem such a huge mountain but it literally is one step at a time. Walk 10m, the next day walk 11, etc. Start and build up slowly and surely.  Information gained by studying the @bluezones shows just how important physical exercise is for maintaining a healthy lifespan. 

Movement encourages the synovial fluid in the joints to lubricate the surfaces. Ever wondered how you can feel stiff in the joints and then once moving it improves? Same with stiff and sore muscles, movement will encourage the muscles to relax and ease up therefore reducing pain and stiffness.

Daily exercise improves blood flow and cardiovascular health – it doesn’t have to be a hard run. A 30 minute walk is massively beneficial, also get out in the fresh air, enjoy the sounds of nature and soak up the benefits of sunlight on vitamin D in the body. Not only will that be better for the health of your bones, natures sounds have been proven to help us relax so leave the head phones at home. Wherever you live find a park or open space where you can enjoy this time – explore your local area, who knows what you may find just yesterday I found a little community garden just two streets away from where I live – a lovely little space of grass and shrubs and trees.

There are so many benefits from regular exercise – most people probably associate it with good cardiovascular health but did you know it is also protective against cancer and many other detrimental physiological processes.  

Studies have shown that regular exercise decreases the risk of at least 13 cancers.  It decreases insulin resistance, decreases oestrogen levels, decreases inflammation, improves immune function and decreases cancer recurrence.

As a general guide you should aim for about 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week but daily is even better. 

As always get in touch and let me know your thoughts and please reach out if you would like some advice on attaining your fitness goals.

Helene x

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