December Musings

Wow where has the year gone? Seems to have passed in a flash. This month my focus has been well-being throughout the month and how to keep in tip top mind, body and soul condition, whether you are a party animal or someone who will be working through the festive period or maybe you are someone for whom December will bring feelings of loneliness. However, we feel about December one thing we can all do is reach out and extend kindness to those around. I feel dreadfully sad every year at the amount of homeless men and women I see on the streets out in cold weather and often ill with a reluctance to attend A+E. .
If you can donate to one of the many homeless charities or just buy a warm drink and something to eat for someone you see it all makes a difference.
If you yourself are feeling low or alone there are many charities and organisations that can help and do and there is a lot of local support, so please if you feel that way, message someone for a chat, have a laugh, spend 5 minutes talking about something even if it is the weather because it really does make a difference. Or if you think there may be someone lonely reach out.

I was reminiscing with my mum about a Xmas trip spent in Washington my mum, dad and brother and what a lovely time we had. It was spent going on walks, enjoying the amazing city, eating nice food but perhaps most all enjoying the company without fanfare – just a simple xmas but definitely a wonderful one to remember.

Christmas is a time many people get in debt trying to buy expensive presents and provide a lot of food but it doesn’t have to be. For one Christmas we decided to keep it simple and only spend £5 on each other’s presents. It was a lot of fun finding nice little presents, putting thought into it and we all still remember it as a really good time and one of the most fun.
Gifts that are thoughtful or homemade are far more in the spirit of Christmas giving than buying something expensive just because… Keep it simple
Also do you really need all that extra food and drink? Sure choose some special treats but it doesn’t have to be expensive, plus also think about reduce (save on packaging), reuse (reuse old wrapping paper or brown packing paper), recycle (look for second hand items you can upcycle, there are some great finds in charity shops as well).

Gratitude can change all that, gratitude really can turn what we have into enough.

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