30 Day October Challenge

So I probably should have posted this at the beginning of the month but the post is more about the whole thing rather than specifics and in all honesty one of my challenges is about organisation and so I needed to get organised for FB and IG posting daily and so that kind of took priority.

It is said it takes 21 days for changes to be habit forming, for it to be part of your life without effort. Change is good, it is great to shake things up and see what develops. It is so easy to get into a rut with our lives that encompasses our mind, body and spirit. So often people lack fulfillment but don’t know why, sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees, that’s why it is great to step out of your comfort zone and see what happens. Get out of going with the flow, start turning away from the tide and see where life leads. I absolutely love this quote from Wayne Dyer and what a massive difference it makes when you start viewing everything differently, the doors that won’t open are merely nudges for getting on a new path, the realisation that someone’s thoughts are their problem not yours, the lack of finances , the opportunity to readdress what is really needed in your life so many things can be viewed more positively for you if you just change how you see them.

For October I’ve done a 30 day challenge of things to try to improve the health of your mind, body and spirit, the aim is to try new things maybe for just 1 day, maybe for a week or maybe for the whole month. See what resonates with you mentally and physically, see how you feel by stepping out of your comfort zone.

The 30 tips are posted daily on Instagram and Facebook so follow along and let me know how you get on. There is a great variety of different tips with the aim of pushing you off your normal path, I’m practicing what I preach and whilst many are things I do anyway but will take to another level there are also challenges for me to “face the fear” and to “get organised” and I will share how that goes either on this blog or on IG and FB.

Day 5 was over 2 days and was a Social Media Free weekend and as I write this on Sunday night I can honestly say its been great. I’ve had more free time to do other stuff, felt more focussed and definitely less procrastination. I’ve just got back from a weekend away competing in a cani-cross event and want to share pics and catch up with folk but that will wait. In the meantime I am just revelling in the fun I had, muddy fun running with the doggies – I got a 2nd place in the 2 dog event which I’m super chuffed with as it was hard going running in boggy conditions and in the second event my blind dog Seren is gaining in confidence all the time and it is great to see (to follow the adventures of my dogs see FB & IG pages @mazardog and @whopawswins). But not only that but I got to spend time with friends, chat, dog walk, have fun all those things that are so essential for mind, body and spirit health. Last night we watched The Hangover for the umpteenth time but belly laughs all round amd made plans for some more fun definitely not inspired by The Hangover.

So why not step out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you.
Follow @thehealthfuldoctor for daily tips and don’t forget free e-book available see menu.

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